MCCS Is Golden: AHA Honors Fit-Friendly Site

Macy’s Credit and Customer Services (MCCS) was honored with the Fit-Friendly Worksite Gold Award from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for its culture of well-being. MCCS has an on-site health coach, HIGI blood pressure machines, a walking club, ongoing employee resource group activities, and the list goes on and on!

Through the Fit-Friendly awards, the AHA recognizes employers who go above and beyond when it comes to their employees’ health, acknowledging their progressive leadership. Leaders of Macy's Credit and Customer Services, shown below, received the award at the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon in March.

Throughout the country, we encourage each other to participate in wellness programs and activities available at work or in the community. Find like-minded people in your work location and brainstorm how you can support one another in your fitness and health goals.

Additionally, we encourage associates to take advantage of preventive care offered through their health plans, as these services are typically covered at 100%. Employees enrolled in a Cigna medical option benefit from Know Your Numbers, nurse advisor and coaching programs, and Naturally Slim. Find details on the Live Healthy link (via the My Benefits page) on My IN-SITE or here.

Pictured with the Fit Friendly Worksite Gold Award at the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon is the American Heart Association presenter with Teresa Huxel, Jan Nare, Margo Baumgardner and Heather Lucas of Macy’s Credit and Customer Services.


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