Macy’s, Inc. Earns the American Heart Association’s Highest Recognition for Workplace Health Achievement

We’re excited that the American Heart Association (AHA) has awarded Macy’s, Inc. its Gold Recognition for Workplace Health Achievement, the AHA’s highest recognition for Workplace Health Achievement. 

At Macy’s, we know that investing in the well-being of our talented workforce is one of the great strengths of our company. That’s why we are proud to celebrate this important accolade. The American Heart Association’s Gold Recognition award is based on the 2017 Workplace Health Achievement Index that identifies quality health programs in the workplace and company commitments to building a healthier workforce. Our recognition places us in the top nine percent of all participating companies.

The AHA Workplace Health Achievement Index is an evidence-based assessment tool initiated by the AHA’s CEO Roundtable under the leadership of our own Terry Lundgren, now executive chairman of Macy’s, who served as one of its first co-chairs. “These tools build on our companies’ successes and showcase what we’ve been learning,” Lundgren said. “Now, we invite others to use the tools and share their experiences so we can continue to learn what works to improve workplace health.”

The Workplace Health Achievement Index assesses various components of a company’s wellness programs including health improvement and maintenance initiatives offered by the employer, communications strategies and employee outreach efforts, leadership from senior management, employee engagement in the programs, and the health outcomes actually achieved. Now in its second full year, the Workplace Achievement Index is a key component of the AHA’s efforts to promote workplace health.

“We’re fortunate at Macy’s, Inc. to be able to offer a variety of wellbeing programs to meet the diverse needs of our Associates and their family members,” said Heather Lucas, director of National Health & Wellbeing at Macy’s, Inc. “Nearly 20,000 Macy’s, Inc. Associates participated in our national Know Your Numbers biometrics program, with notable health improvements year over year. Our weight loss and diabetes prevention programs have produced an average weight loss of nine pounds, with more than 48 percent of our at-risk participants reducing their diabetes risk. Our on-site health coach at Macy’s Credit and Customer Service Central has helped our Associates sustain and improve various health measures. We have also launched various health and well-being pilots focused on heart health, stress reduction, and more.”

The recognition, written up in Forbes Magazine, affirms our company’s commitment to inspire and help our Associates lead healthy lives. “We’re grateful for Terry’s vision in helping create this Index and we’re excited that Hal Lawton will participate with the AHA CEO Roundtable going forward,” added Lucas. “We remain focused on our vision of well-being at Macy’s and our pledge to the American Heart Association. We’re committed to helping improve the health of all our Associates and our communities.”