Style @ Work: Associates are Style Ambassadors

Macy’s and fashion go hand-in-hand. We’re well known for our partnerships, new collections, and iconic brands that we make available so our customers can express themselves through style. So it seems appropriate that the company is now updating its Style @ Work policies to allow Associates to show more of their true style identity on the sales floor.

The new Style @ Work policy, unveiled this spring, offers more options for Associates to express their personal style, while maintaining a business professional look.

The updates include many options, including wearing color. The updated policy takes into account customer, climate and culture in determining dress code. It encourages Associates to dress the part of a Style Ambassador, and to inspire the customer by setting the style of the department, such as wearing activewear in the Active department.

“This change was a direct response to feedback from our Associates,” said Jeff Kantor, chief stores and human resources officer at Macy’s. “They wanted the option to express their personal style more with their customers and colleagues, and we found that the new style options increased Associates’ engagement in their role. Individuality and expression are important aspects of our brand, and this change allows Associates to use their uniqueness and style expertise as selling advantages.”

The policy change is rooted in the broader context of fostering a positive work environment for our Associates while ensuring a delightful experience for our customers. Last fall, Macy’s tested a revised Style @ Work pilot with six districts. The results of the pilot were clear, showing increased customer engagement when Associates has the option to wear color.

We look forward to seeing how Associates bring the new policy to life, and amplify not only color, but the energy of the Macy’s experience.

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