Macy’s Welcomes 87,000 Seasonal Associates

Our Associates help make our customers’ lives shine brighter each and every day, and that is especially true during the holidays. As we finish out an incredible holiday season, Coast to Coast is taking you behind-the-scenes to learn about one of our major achievements each holiday season – finding and training our 87,000 seasonal Associates.

At the start of this holiday season, our recruitment team set out to hire 80,000 seasonal Associates. As a result of strong store traffic, we ultimately added an additional 7,000 to our plan.

To efficiently recruit, onboard and train 87,000 seasonal Associates while maintaining a great experience for our customers takes a great deal of planning, as well as support and collaboration from across various parts of the organization. Brian Duffy, SVP, Talent Center of Excellence and Stores HR, emphasized how crucial it was that, “everyone kept the Associate’s experience as the guiding principal from the point of first contact to the in-store onboarding.”

It started with hundreds of thousands of applications, sparked largely through big events, including our National Holiday Hiring Event, which “works well and drives a significant number of candidates into our stores,” said Blake Witters, VP, Employment Support Center. Macy’s was also able to expand phone hiring to 290 store locations. This provided a consistent candidate experience for everyone applying, and also meant less time between when a candidate submitted their application to when a job offer was extended. The biggest benefit according to Witters was “the time that it gives back to our managers to drive results in their stores.”

Our training approach received an enhancement this year, as well. Macy’s Learning & Development team reduced computer-based learning in favor of live, side-by-side training with experienced Associates. New Associates were quick to embrace this new onboarding approach of spending time outside of the classroom and on the sales floor learning about what it takes to create a great experience for our customers.

In a festive addition this year, we welcomed seasonal Associates with green name badges, making it easier for the store community to identity new hires and to provide support in the moment. This created more opportunities for experienced Associates to check in with seasonal Associates and for Associates to work together.

Another major introduction that is making this holiday season so successful is advance scheduling. Macy’s is the only retailer to offer this type of benefit over the holidays, allowing Associates to schedule hours in advance, thereby making it easier to see family and friends, which is what the holidays is about.

We appreciate everyone who was involved, said Anne Voller, GVP, Talent Acquisition, including “those who sent us a referral, worked at a hiring event, posted jobs, screened resumes, shared jobs posted within their network, conducted interviews, or created marketing materials, it was a real team effort.”

Thank you to each of our Associates who have helped Macy’s make the holidays shine brighter this season.