Power Behind the Scenes: Our National Repair Center

You may not know them but you know their work ... in fact, you could not work without them. Led by José Perez, director of Systems and Technology Field Services, the in-house National Repair Center (NRC) provides critical services – maintaining about 635,000 pieces of hardware and saving an immense amount of time and money with its experience and expertise.

How NRC Supports Sales and Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Stores

Inventory Prep

Fixing all Scan-Pals and portable handheld devices ahead of time so that all operate when needed.

Peak Period Support

Keeping portable devices (3190s/QL320s) functioning for markdowns, picking merchandise, fulfillment and hand scanning. Replacing all the equipment that “disappears” through the year, above-and-beyond normal repairs.

Our stores are NRC’s only customers

Vendors may take 4-6 weeks to turn equipment, but NRC can turn many devices in one day, supporting sales faster and at a lower cost. A price checker that’s down can be routed, repaired and returned in only 48 hours.

How We Can Support NRC Wherever We Work


Fast action increases your ability to sell. Alert managers immediately when devices don’t work so a ticket can be opened to the Field Services Tech. In addition, remove batteries from Scan-Pal inventory devices before sending for repair.

All locations

Open First Choice tickets quickly on portal, on a register, or call the Help Desk at 8-112-474-2300.

Shipping associates

Send devices out immediately. The faster you dispatch, the faster they are returned and the faster associates in all business functions have the tools they need.


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