Macy’s App Recognized Again as Top among Mobile Brands

Whatever you’re shopping for, and however you like to shop for it, Macy’s is determined to make it a seamless experience. That’s why we’re so proud when we hear great things about our Macy’s app. 

According to this recent article in FierceRetail, our Macy’s app is the No. 1 ranking app for best performing mobile brands in the U.S. This list is according to Ansible, mobile marketing and technology agency of IPG Media.

Our app was judged on the following five factors: discoverability, mobile optimization, navigation and content, utility and usability, and driving desired actions.

“We put a lot of effort into upgrading the Macy’s app to give our customers the best possible shopping experience whether online or in our stores. It’s exciting to see the way users are responding to those changes, and it’s to the credit of the extremely talented people in our technology teams who lead us ahead of the industry in this area.” – RB Harrison, chief omnichannel officer

Over the past year, our app has received accolades and rave reviews from customers, associates, and influencers across the media and the industry. In 2016, L2 included the Macy’s app in their Top 10 Department Stores in Digital ranking saying “Genius brand Macy’s improved on its already-stellar iOS app by adding in-store messaging, along with a redesigned landing page convincing users to opt in to that capability as well as location services and push notifications.”

Don’t just take our word for it, download the app today and explore some of our favorite features like store mode, one-touch checkout, and the product and pricing scanner. Then, tell a friend what you think they’ll like most about it! We’re setting standards in the industry, and that’s something big to be proud of.

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