Winds of Change Blow East … Macy’s Easton Store Prototype

An eastern wind symbolically brings order ... and for Macy’s, our prototype store at Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH, is bringing an order to what our future store will look like as it brings scores of new ideas to life. Easton was selected as it’s in America’s heartland, in a popular, new concept mall in a growing community. It’s a living preview of what’s to come!

As Kathi Newton, Easton VPSM told Women’s Wear Daily’s Sharon Edelson: “A lot of the things we’re testing very easily could be rolled out to other stores. The focus of the renovation is to provide an all-encompassing store experience with a focus on service and merchandise experimentation. Every aspect of the design is being customized to complement the lifestyle of the Macy’s customer.”

Most of our best and newest ideas come from listening to customers ... services they appreciate, curated assortments that showcase our must-have seasonal trends and in-demand categories, and engaging experiences. To put this into action, Easton increased staffing by 50 associates overall, doubled the number of MyStylist@Macy’s experts, new Connect@Macy’s associates, and a health and wellness expert and “ambassadors” in the Nourish, Strengthen and Restore (see related story here), and a dedicated stylist in the men’s Nautica department – just one of many firsts.

Macy’s Easton is a beautiful, 200,000-square-foot, open-concept store renovated top-to-bottom in just over three months! Walls came down to provide clear views across the entire store and we are innovatively using store space. The business category adjacencies, and the way merchandise is grouped, make powerful statements – customers can clearly see what Macy’s stands for in fashion and style. 

Though Easton unveiled its new face only last month, the store operated throughout the renovation and customers already are voting for the newness they see. Sales results and MAGIC scores tell the story of our success!