Beyond the Boardroom: Behind the Scenes of Studio Services

This month’s Beyond the Boardroom with Jeff Gennette took us to Sherman Oaks, California, where we learned about Studio Services, an offering that helps dress your favorite TV characters in Macy’s fashion. We wanted to know more about how Macy’s is dressing some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

In case you missed it: Check out the latest episode where Jeff visits Macy’s Sherman Oaks Fashion Square, Bloomingdale’s Century City and Macy’s Del Amo Fashion Center to discuss exclusive fashion offerings, celebrity sightings, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered how Karen Walker’s outfits on Will & Grace so closely match her personality, or how The Big Bang Theory perfectly nails “nerdy chic”— look no further than Studio Services for the answer. In this episode, Jill Pan, VP store manager of Macy’s Sherman Oaks Fashion Square, tells Jeff about the Studio Services business that brings over $1 million to the Sherman Oaks door alone.

We talked to Rafael Hererra from the Studio Services team at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square to learn more about how major Hollywood studios are using Macy’s to bring their vision to life.

Not just anyone can use Macy’s Studio Services. Each customer is required to open a corporate account in order to receive the exclusive service.

The process begins when the customer, usually a costume designer, reads the script of a major Hollywood production and develops a vision for the characters’ style. The customer then calls Macy’s Studio Services, which provides a solution to all of their wardrobe needs.

After being briefed on a concept for the show, Macy’s Associates act as liaisons to the costume designers, pulling outfits for everyone from Lea Michele (ABC’s The Mayor) to Anna Farris (CBS’s Mom). The merchandise is then placed in order of character—think A-list to extras. Macy’s then sends the merchandise to the location where fittings are done, giving the costume designers seven business days to decide what works for their actors, and what they’ll need to swap out.

The Studio Services team also works with vendors to fill all stylists’ needs; for example, due to recent demand, new brands have been introduced to the Sherman Oaks store.

Rafael describes Sherman Oaks as a “melting pot for production companies,” with studios like Warner Brothers, Universal, and Paramount all within reach. According to Rafael, the Studio Services team’s goal is to continue to be a “one-stop shop for everything designers need, from children’s wear, to maternity lines, to athleisure.”

The team, small but mighty, is excited to be shaping what stars—and, in turn, their fans—are wearing.

Above, from left to right: Rafael Herrera, Victoria Borna, Frank Perez and Anabel Gallegos of Macy’s Sherman Oaks Fashion Square make up a small but mighty team, filling tall orders for major Hollywood production companies.