Senior Executives Turn Associates’ Bright Ideas into Action

In his early days as CEO for Macy’s, Inc., Jeff Gennette asked our Associates for their Bright Ideas. He wants to hear from Associates on ways to drive our business forward and support the North Star Strategy, particularly if the idea can save cost, speed up decision making, or promote future growth. Associates responded enthusiastically, and our company leadership is listening. Read on to see what we are doing to turn our Bright Ideas into action.

In early May, our Senior Leadership Group, composed of approximately 70 of our most senior executives from across the country, gathered for their quarterly meeting and took the time to work through more than 250 Bright Ideas submissions. Working in teams, the senior leaders explored the ideas, brainstormed execution, and quickly and efficiently came up with one idea per group that they were ready to present and propose to our Executive Committee. At the end of the hour-long, “Shark Tank” style activity, our leaders left the room with a variety of decisions and a plan to move them forward for testing including:

  • Reinventing a select number of our fitting rooms for an enhanced, concierge-style experience for our customer
  • Upgrading our MyStylist service to have an online, personal-styling option across all families of business
  • Improving our direct mail books to be smarter and more tech-friendly
  • Providing employee incentives for choosing budget-friendly travel and cost-reduction options

Not only was this exercise critical to exploring the Bright Ideas, but this was an exercise for our leaders to demonstrate how to make decisions quickly.

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