Beyond the Boardroom with Jeff Gennette: The Market @ Macy’s

Last year, Macy’s introduced The Market @ Macy’s, a fresh new approach to pop-up retail, where brands can show off their innovative products, demo new services and deliver a unique experience.

The Market @ Macy's comes to life in stores around the country, where brands pay an all-inclusive, up-front fee, then keep 100% of their sales. And they’re getting more than just valuable retail space – Macy’s is offering Retail as a Service. Brands that join The Market @ Macy's get access to a full-time staff, setup and takedown services, Macy’s point-of-sale system and more.

Since its inception, The Market @ Macy's has made it possible for brands – big and small – to access Macy’s immense and diverse customer base in a unique, engaging way. This includes smaller brands with a social purpose, like Two Blind Brothers.

Check out the video below, where Macy’s, Inc. Chairman & CEO Jeff Gennette talks with the brothers themselves, as well as the Macy’s colleagues behind The Market.

About Beyond the Boardroom: Beyond the Boardroom follows Jeff Gennette, Chairman & CEO, Macy’s, Inc. across the country as he visits stores, offices and facilities to talk with Macy’s colleagues about how they are working together to drive our business forward, celebrating areas of success and pride.