Shining the Spotlight on the PRIDE Employee Resource Group at Macy’s

Hear from PRIDE members about what this group means to them and our company and find out what Associates did to celebrate Spirit Day.

At Macy’s, we’re proud to embrace values of diversity and inclusion in our workforce and customer base. The PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) fosters an accepting, inclusive and safe environment for all Associates, regardless of an individual’s personal identity. On Spirit Day during LGBT History Month, a day to speak out against LGBTQ bullying in youth, the PRIDE ERG asked members and Associates at Macy’s to celebrate. The call to action was answered and entire offices showed support by coming dressed in purple.

“During LGBT history month, we joined hands with other Macy’s PRIDE ERG groups across the nation to encourage everyone to wear purple on Spirit Day. Purple signifies “spirit” and represents the LGBTQ youth that have been victims of bullying due to their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation,” said Justin Owens, Business Systems Analyst, Marketing Systems Analytics and a member of PRIDE in San Francisco.

“Joining the Macy’s family has truly changed my life,” added Wayne Standiford, VP, Store Manager, Center Core, for the Herald Square store in New York City and PRIDE ERG member. “Not only have I gained a healthy work-life balance, which is something that I was not able to enjoy in the past, I found a sense of family.  I found a sense of commitment to people and career advancement that is not only talked about, but executed.  I feel as though my opinions and ideas are valued, and I feel part of the bigger picture.  Most importantly, I feel completely comfortable being who I am because I work for a company that values diversity.”

Hear more about this group from fellow Associates as we share some of the different voices united by the PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG).