Macy’s Raises $1.5 Million for The Trevor Project – Meet the Team Who Helped Make it Happen!

At Macy’s, diversity is a foundational value. It’s part of how we think, act and operate. It’s reflected in our long-standing commitment to fostering an inclusive culture and environment that inspires, reflects and embraces all of our colleagues, customers and the communities we serve.

Last month, through our annual Pride + Joy campaign, Macy’s celebrated the diversity within our workforce and communities through a host of initiatives, including a nationwide charitable giving program, exclusive fashions, in-store events and a digital media awareness campaign aimed at reaching at-risk LGBTQ youth.

As a national Pride partner of The Trevor Project, we invited customers to round up their in-store purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the difference, up to .99 cents, to The Trevor Project, helping to provide free and confidential counseling to LGBTQ youth in crisis.

Macy’s shoppers were also invited to support The Trevor Project in style – with $4 of the purchase price of the limited–edition, gender-neutral T-shirt, tank and $2 of the purchase price of the sock collection by INC International Concepts being donated to help support the work of The Trevor Project.

Macy's Pride Merchandise


Thanks to the generosity of our customers, Macy’s raised $1.5 million throughout the month of June to help fund The Trevor Project’s life-saving mission to end suicide for LGBTQ young people.

And the campaign would not have been possible without the teamwork and dedication of so many passionate Macy’s colleagues. We spoke with a few of the key players to learn how they brought Pride + Joy to life:

Lauren Anania, director, Cause Execution

“My team worked on our partnership with The Trevor Project, which included a national round up campaign to help fund their life-saving mission and worked with the INC team to add a donation for each purchase of three products in their Pride collection. We also hosted an information session with The Trevor Project to provide colleagues across the country with a deeper dive into their work, available resources and opportunities to get involved through volunteerism. 

We were thrilled to be able to give our customers the opportunity to join the Macy’s Pride + Joy campaign by supporting a charity that is doing such important work. We worked hard to identify the right charity partner for our first national campaign, and are honored to present The Trevor Project with these funds to help them reach more LGBTQ young people in crisis.”

Anna Van Dingstee, digital director, Men’s Active and Young Men’s

“As a passionate merchant and co-leader of Macy’s Pride employee resource group (ERG), I’ve taken on a special focus in leading the Business Initiative pillar of the ERG. Our first real investment in Pride specific merchandise delivered three years ago and came from simply asking our Men’s Class Tees buyer to test out some Pride graphics in the locations in which we sponsored parades, and the results were amazing!  Since then, with the partnership of so many incredible teams – from buying, planning and The Fashion Office, to marketing and the field and visual teams, just to name a few – we’ve been able to grow our Pride merchandising assortment and strategy ever since!

The most exciting part about Pride at Macy’s this year has been the tremendous amount of support we’ve seen from every team, at every level, across the entire company. The ERG co-leaders pitched an outsized approach for Pride 2019 to the Executive Management Team when we first learned that World Pride would be held in New York City. Their immediate enthusiasm and support was so impactful and trickled down throughout the company during the last year of planning and executing of a comprehensive Pride strategy. There are too many teams of incredible colleagues even to list, but the support and ally-ship exhibited throughout the company was absolutely incredible.”

Roya Sullivan, national director, Window Presentation

“This year the windows team and I were so excited to be able to create and install Pride windows in eight of our Macy’s locations: Herald Square, State Street, DT Boston, DC Metro Center, Philly Center City, Century City, Bev Center and San Fran. What I focused on was not only well-composed windows, but curating a vision that was solely based on the joy and celebration of human equality.

At our Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City, we partnered with the Lisa Project NYC and had four street artists create original large-scale murals that paid tribute to the history and diversity of the LGBTQ community. We also created windows with our Pride + Joy logos and a beautiful rainbow that poured out of the display, creating an interactive and all-encompassing moment right on our sidewalk. It’s not only exciting to see the positive impact that our Pride campaign window displays had on our customers and communities, but also to see how much our windows were adored throughout the United States on social media.”

Michelle Rubin, manager, Multicultural Events & Marketing

“I worked with our national in-store events team to strategize our overall in-store Pride celebrations and led the marketing efforts for these events. I also managed Macy’s sponsorships of 24 Pride parades around the country, including our Platinum sponsorship of this year’s WorldPride Parade in NYC. I worked with many amazing teams throughout the organization including Cause, Merchandise, Marketing, Creative, Tourism, Visual, Diversity & Inclusion, the Pride ERG, and the Media team to bring this campaign to life in a dynamic and holistic manner.

It was amazing to be part of such an all-encompassing, multi-faceted campaign that was extremely impactful and meaningful for our colleagues and customers, who are part of and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. It was exciting to be part of some brand new campaign components such as our National Partnership with The Trevor Project and the first-ever Drag Brunch at our Macy’s Herald Square location. I’m proud to work for a company that is so committed to diversity, inclusion, and equality. I can’t wait to continue our success and create an even better Pride 2020 campaign!”

Juan Camilo Romero, manager, Multicultural Community Engagement

“As a Macy’s ambassador within the diverse populations we serve and support, I have the opportunity to hear first-hand what the community’s sentiment is regarding corporations celebrating Pride. Once Macy’s moved to integrating a cause element within our Pride + Joy campaign, it was a pleasure to deliberate—along with senior leadership, and our PRIDE Employee Resource Group – who our national  charity partner would be. As the managing team of the Macy’s and The Trevor Project relationship, it was an honor to facilitate the connection.

What excited me most about Pride this year was knowing that we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the LGBTQ uprising since the NY Stonewall riots – a historic event that kicked off the LGBTQ civil rights movement in America. Also, it is exciting to know that millions of people from all over the world came to NY to join us in celebration of World Pride!”

Katie Kent-Morshed, senior manager, Social Media

“Working closely with my leaders, team and partners across the company, I help strategize the Pride social content to ensure that we were truly bringing love to life on all of our @macys social handles and across partners’, publishers’ and other third party voices’ platforms. With an always-on approach, our social team worked to drive brand love and build awareness around the wealth of events, partnerships, Trevor Project campaign, product authority and more. We were diligent about amplifying and engaging in all relevant conversations, all to ensure that Macy’s connects with our audience in a heartfelt way as a sincere, verified ally in the social landscape.

I always feel proud to work for a company whose heart is in the right place and supports Pride in a big and beautiful way. But this year was special – marking an important year, the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, our Macy’s teams collaborated and worked closely to tell stories together. This makes for a harmonized flow of our social campaign and a cadence of strong content that was all that I could hope for! Our social team eagerly jumped at opportunities to attend Macy’s amazing, impactful events and NYC Pride Parade to help extend the experience to our national audience for a real, authentic view at #MacysPride. It’s this passion and eagerness that is inspiring and empowering.”

Check out where Macy’s colleagues participated in joyful Pride parade celebrations across the country here: