Career Advice from the Women of HR

This March, in the spirit of Women’s History Month and annual review time for many Associates throughout the company, we asked some of our women leaders across Human Resources: “What is the one piece of advice you wish to share with the women of Macy’s, Inc.?”

Mattie Mangal | Senior Manager, HR Compliance, Policy, & Audit | New York City, NY

The struggle is real, ladies! Especially if you are a working mom with young children or a single parent, it is very hard to balance family time and work time. I find that these two things help me: Work smarter and always maintain integrity! To work smarter, use your time efficiently and effectively by focusing. You will get more done and those extra hours will go back to your family, who you might be struggling to find time for. On working with integrity – build your career on hard work and dedication. Once you have moved up the ladder, don’t lose sight of the struggle. Be compassionate and thoughtful to the women that are coming along behind or beside you. Just because your struggle might be over or less, doesn’t mean it is for all women. Be respectful and understanding, as we are all in it together.

Jennifer Schwarz | Director, HR Business Partner | Miami, Florida

Take advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow. Macy’s gives women the opportunity to collaborate and interact with diverse people. It’s all about what you do with those interactions and collaborations. Not only do women experience personal and professional growth, but they are able to teach others because of their own skills and experience, bringing out their best self along with the best in their colleagues. It is not about being the smartest person in the room; it’s about leveraging the strengths of everyone you interact with. If you don’t try new ideas, how will we grow as a company, or as people? As Thomas Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.”

Elyse Kretz | GVP, Learning Strategy & Design | New York City, NY

Juggling work and family life can be a constant struggle if you’re trying to “do it all” without letting anyone down along the way. They key is to not try to do it all, and instead be your own advocate. My advice for women at Macy’s is to not hold back when asking for what you need in order to prioritize critical family moments, and instead empower the team around you. The more time I spent engaging, challenging, and empowering the people on my team – the more it came back to me ten-fold. I grew from letting go of trying to do it all myself, and the team rose to the occasion in getting the job done, often exceeding my expectations. This also allowed my team to feel comfortable prioritizing their own families, and I’m proud to be a role model for work-life balance.

Diana Paek | Vice President, Talent Acquisition | New York City, NY

Express your opinions. Find a way to communicate your thoughts in a manner that is comfortable for you but also conveys confidence. Be authentic to who you are; believe that you add value to any business conversation. You may not always be right or heard but don’t let that deter you. Don’t second guess yourself. Practice and hone this skill.


Nichole Crossley-Ranson | Director, HR Business Partner | John’s Creek, GA

Seize every opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire others. Macy’s provides many avenues for self-development, mentorship, and advocacy. As you embark on your learning journey, don’t be afraid to take risks, build relationships along the way, and seek feedback. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone ... take the risks and reap the rewards.