Macy’s, Inc. Board of Directors Now Recognized as One of America’s Most Diverse

Macy’s, Inc. is committed to reflecting the diversity of our associates and customers in all aspects of our business.

And we’re being recognized for our efforts. An article in Fortune recently recognized Macy’s for having created one of America’s most diverse boards of directors, adding that less than 1 percent of corporate boards of Fortune 500 companies have achieved or surpassed gender equality.

“Reaching the 50 percent mark brings Macy’s into an elite group,” notes Fortune reporter Caroline Fairchild.

“It’s worth noting that Macy’s board diversity extends beyond gender as well — two members are African-American, one is Asian-American and another is Hispanic.”

With the addition of Leslie D. Hale, EVP, CFP and treasurer of RLJ Lodging Trust in 2015, as the 12th member of our board of directors, we now have six women and four ethnic minorities among our 11 independent directors.


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