Star Rewards: A Loyalty Program for All Customers

Last year, as part of our North Star Strategy, we created a compelling loyalty program called Star Rewards. In the fall, we launched this program with a focus on our Macy’s cardholders. Now, we’ve reached the next major step by opening Star Rewards to all customers, regardless of how they choose to pay.

The initial Star Rewards launch yielded impressive results and excellent feedback from our best customers. We placed a strong focus on Platinum cardholders, who now receive 5 percent back on all purchases, free shipping, and more.

After a lot of hard work across teams, we’ve rolled out the second phase of our loyalty program, which now includes a tender-neutral option, meaning customers can participate in the loyalty program without a Macy’s credit card. This is our Bronze tier – there are no spending qualifications and this level is open to all customers, regardless of how they pay.

Macy’s President Hal Lawton sat down with Anne Dunn, EVP, Marketing, who spearheaded the loyalty relaunch. “We have a great customer base,” said Dunn. “About half of whom are cardholders, but there’s a whole other population that we don’t know yet. We designed this loyalty program to make our existing cardholders feel really special, and to capture those we don’t already know.”

Here’s a closer look at the Bronze tier in our Star Rewards loyalty program:

All that’s required for customers to enroll as Bronze is a phone number, name, email address, birth day and month. It’s fast and easy – and it’s not an application for credit. When shopping, Bronze customers will be identified by phone number and will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn points toward Star Money during Star Money days
  • Receive perks and offers like savings passes and vendor messages
  • Get a birthday surprise!

The Bronze tier will help our colleagues to better know and serve the half of our customers who do not use a Macy’s credit card by:

  • Better understanding customer spending and shopping behavior
  • Creating opportunities for customer engagement and product recommendations
  • Promoting the additional benefits of becoming a Macy’s cardholder

There are many exciting events and offerings ahead for our loyalty members across all tiers. Until then, let’s celebrate the Bronze launch as the latest step on our Path to Growth and congratulate the many Macy’s colleagues involved in making this happen!

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