Macy’s Wall of Thanks: A Tradition to Ensure That Every Experience Matters

Every day, our Macy’s colleagues find new ways to make brighter moments for customers visiting our stores. Each of our stores has unique ways of doing so. In a recent episode of Beyond the Boardroom, we heard from our teams at Macy’s Arrowhead Towne Center, in Glendale, Arizona, about a special approach they created to shape a culture of recognition by celebrating exceptional experiences. This growing tradition is called the Macy’s Wall of Thanks – a visual representation of the magic our colleagues are making in-store and the impact it has on customers.

The Macy’s Wall of Thanks showcases handwritten letters from customers recognizing exceptional service and experiences. On the 10 busiest days of the month, colleagues set up stations in key areas of the store to talk with customers about their shopping experience that day. Customers are invited to fill out a card about a store colleague that brightened their visit.

“My customers write thank you letters to show their appreciation for providing great service – and sometimes we share laughs along the way,” said Sharon Smith, a store colleague in plus sizes at Macy’s Arrowhead. “When my customers leave happy, I'm happy!”

The Wall of Thanks has quickly become a favorite tradition among colleagues. “It allowed us to get immediate feedback, recognize the great work our teams are doing, and course correct the areas where we can improve,” said Deanna Salvaggio, district vice president, Arizona and Las Vegas. “This is what will help us continue the momentum on our Path to Growth.”

“Recognition is important,” Smith added. “It lets us know that we are appreciated for what we do every day, so we can continue to focus on creating the best shopping experience for our customers.”

Congratulations to the team at Macy’s Arrowhead Towne Center on creating a fun and exciting tradition that puts the customer first, while also helping our colleagues to get better every day!

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