The Lighthouse: A New Macy’s Ad About the Heart of Gifting

This year, as part of our company’s commitment to our North Star Strategy, we’ve talked a lot about the three things that make Macy’s special to customers – brand love, product authority, and value. These are the elements that set Macy’s apart within the industry and that we are focused on delivering to meet customer expectations. This holiday season, Macy’s Marketing teams in collaboration with our new agency, BBDO, have constructed an advertising campaign that shows why our company shines brightest this time of year, in each of these three critical areas.

The first ad spot, The Lighthouse: The Perfect Gift Brings People Together, is running now through Christmas week and focuses on Macy’s brand love, or the things about Macy’s that endear us to customers’ hearts and fill them with memories of our brand. The emotional ad tells a story about why gifting is such a special part of the holidays, and connects back to the role customers allow Macy’s to play in these treasured traditions. “We needed to elevate some of the work we were running to win the emotional high ground, and become part of the Christmas season,” Rich Lennox, chief marketing officer, explained in this AdWeek article. “We are part of people's lives and we wanted to make sure that Christmas advertising reflected that role we play.” You can view the full 2 minute film below, or on our Macy’s YouTube channel. There will be 60- and 30-second versions of the ad airing throughout the season as well.

Beginning on Thanksgiving, Macy’s will be airing three additional spots that will focus on the product authority element of our marketing model, or the distinctive merchandise assortment our customers have come to trust us for. Check back on Macy’s YouTube channel to view these new ads after November 26, and watch throughout the holiday season for more marketing spots that talk about our remarkable value and bring our full story to life.