Private Brand Snap Shots

Private Brands is an integral part of Macy’s growth strategy, especially in today’s Omni world where exclusive brands are a key competitive advantage,” said Molly Langenstein, chief private brands officer. “The company sees the importance of our teams as true strategic partners.

Thalía Sodi

“Macy’s newest brand, including RTW, shoes and jewelry, launched this spring in partnership with the Latin superstar,” said Marcia Haimbach, EVP/Private Brands. “It’s the latest example of Macy’s creative teams’ unique interpretation of a brand for our target customer through incisive product development and marketing.”

Maison Jules, Bar III

“Millennial customers are loving these recent brands, along with Macy’s active collections,” said Marcia Haimbach, EVP/Private Brands. “Bar III is the ultimate trend authority in the Impulse zone and Maison Jules dresses the girl next door in looks inspired by iconic Parisian street style.”


“Hotel Collection customers love its contemporary look and our beautiful shops!” said Donna Vance, EVP/Home. “New from Macy’s most aspirational home brand is a 100 percent Belgian Linen Bedding Collection, recently expanded to nearly 200 doors based on early reads. This European-influenced luxury collection includes beautiful duvet covers, coverlets and sheets and reflects today’s casual yet quality conscious customer.”


“Alfani is our modern wear-to-work brand, aspirational in taste level and appealing to a broad age range,” said Nancy Johnson, EVP/RTW. “It’s known for beautiful fabrics, great fit and special details such as trims and sleeve interests. We travel the world for inspiration and sourcing and we can be very fast in getting newness to the customer.”

“We’re extremely focused on who the customer is and we’re passionate about developing the newest product for him,” said the Men’s Alfani team. “The customer is at the center of every decision we make as a team. We hear him each week when we review our selling reports, and even when we read through the online reviews – and we make adjustments accordingly.”