Macy’s Style Crew: Wear. Share. Earn.

We’re excited to say that the Macy’s Style Crew has been a huge success for ambassadors and the business alike. Read more to find out why.

At Macy’s, every colleague is a brand ambassador, but the Macy’s Style Crew is taking it to a new (and money-making) level. The Macy’s Style Crew is comprised of 375 Macy’s colleagues who are pioneering a new “social selling initiative” where they create and share authentic and engaging shoppable videos and pictures to the Style Crew site, as well as their own social media pages.

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According to forecasts done by Cisco, video will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2021 – and Macy’s is ahead of the curve when it comes to this consumption trend.

Macy’s Style Crew has garnered over 100,000 views on more than 1,200 pieces of video content uploaded to the page since its launch in May – not to mention thousands of views on the ambassadors’ personal social media channels.

We’re excited to say that the Macy’s Style Crew has been a huge success for ambassadors and the business alike, and here’s why:

Ambassadors earn money based on the sales their content generates.

When something catches the customer’s eye from an ambassador’s page, the customer can simply click to purchase. From there, colleagues earn a percent of the sale.

Ambassadors are also rewarded for hitting key sales milestones and given opportunities to earn more through bonus contests. Beyond monetary bonuses, the Macy’s Style Crew partners with brands like Hearst, Citizen, GUESS and more to offer exciting experience-based contests and prizes.

People are taking notice.

To say the Macy’s Style Crew has earned a lot of buzz is an understatement.

The press has taken notice. Articles from Adweek, Glossy and BuzzFeed detail Style Crew as one of the ways Macy’s is shaking up the online shopping experience.

Colleagues have gained recognition in their local communities as fashion authorities. Jacqueline Palmer, the MyStylist at Macy’s Salem in New Hampshire is sought after for her expertise. “I have clients come in specifically asking to shop with me because of my videos on social media,” Palmer shared.

Macy’s leaders are invested in the success of our ambassadors as pioneers of a new, innovative selling platform. Marc Mastronardi, EVP, Business Development at Macy’s shared, “We have a vision for a future state of video commerce that is so exciting, dynamic, and creative that we cannot wait to keep pushing towards. When I watch so many of the videos already out there, I am wildly impressed by the broad range of ambassadors, the reach and impact within so many communities and the depth in the creativity of the content.” 

There are endless opportunities for the Macy’s Style Crew to grow and expand.

The team is currently brainstorming ways to share ambassador-made content elsewhere on, and our partners outside of Macy’s are eager to explore how to partner with the Macy’s Style Crew on specific products, product launches, events, exclusives and more!

Check out the video below and get ready to wear, share, and earn!

A Macy’s Style Crew membership means being a part of a never-before-seen, custom social selling platform innovating ecommerce. Want to be a part of the Macy’s Style Crew? Apply now.

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