Fashion That Moves: Macy’s Fashion Truck

We’re constantly finding new ways to reach our customer. We love when our customers visit our stores, and we’ve even found a way to take the store to the customer. Introducing: the Macy’s Fashion Truck!

A Macy’s store is a destination. It’s a place where our customers come to see, touch, feel, and fall in love with fashion. As we evolve to meet the demands of our dynamic customer, we also think outside the box to maintain our place at the forefront of the destination experience.

One way we’re doing this is to bring the special Macy’s experience directly to the customer – wherever she is! Faster than web browsing or shipping, the Macy’s Fashion Truck shows how one creative idea can have a big impact.

How It Works

The Macy’s Fashion Truck is a mobile pop-up shop experience. Its contents are curated based on the event it is attending. Always fresh and always new, this small-scale store is able to reach a customer that might not have time to visit our brick-and-mortar stores.

Based at Macy’s Aventura, the Fashion Truck has been making an impression on the community for the past year and a half, slowly but surely building an unprecedented following. By leaving the store and going out to a local festival, fair, or even corporate office, The Fashion Truck has been able to reach the customer who loves convenience and might otherwise turn to online shopping.

It’s not just a driver of fashion – it’s a mobile total fashion experience and a collaborative effort across the south Florida area. Nicknamed Iris by the store operations team, a complete partnership between sales, our technology, vendor, and specialized selling teams has been formulated.

New this year, Craig Newman, Community Outreach Coordinator, manages all events the fashion truck attends as it travels throughout south Florida. Craig’s job is to engage and train the stores to successfully execute an external event with The Fashion Truck. With every store reaching for a piece of the action, a smaller scale Fashion Van will soon be launched on the west coast of south Florida this fall.

Why It Works

In a world of two-day shipping and instant gratification, this unique platform gives us the ability to connect with our core customer who loves our brand, at the same time that it introduces us to an emerging millennial customer who is pleasantly surprised by our new initiative.

Iris has allowed us to take our brand on the road in a cool, fun, and innovative way.

Track our journey on Instagram @MacysFashionTruckTour.

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