Hal Rubenstein Shares ‘Looks of Love’ with Bloomingdale’s Shoppers

Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship hosted Hal Rubenstein, renowned fashion authority and author of “The Looks of Love,” for an evening of fashion and romance in February.

As one of the founding editors of InStyle magazine, Rubenstein helped create the publication’s distinctive voice and approach to fashion. HIs latest book showcases seminal moments and events in television, film, on the runway and red carpet, and in social media that have changed the way people view love, fashion, passion, romance, marriage, beauty and style. 

Rubenstein and Brooke Jaffe, Bloomingdale’s fashion director for Women’s Ready-to-Wear, curated and presented a story of styles inspired by iconic moments in “The Looks of Love” including Woodstock, “Dynasty,” Romeo and Juliet, “Flashdance” and an audience favorite, “Sex and the City.” 

Following the presentation, fans lined up to have their photos taken with Rubenstein and purchase signed copies of the book. The evening ended with champagne, cupcakes and loads of fashion inspiration.