Celebrity Guest Gaby Espino: Style Advice and Tour of Macy’s Stores

Macy’s celebrity guest for Hispanic Heritage Month, Gaby Espino, visited our stores on a national tour. The telenova star and TV host shared tips, stories, and inspiration with Associates and customers – of course we covered all the action on Coast to Coast.

We were thrilled to have Gaby Espino represent Macy’s during our annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. With leading roles in 17 telenovelas in more than 90 countries, an established television presence and a great fashion sense, Espino was a phenomenal personality to get to know as our company honored the cultural legacy and achievements of Hispanic Americans.

From Sept. 21 through Oct. 14, Espino visited Macy’s stores in New York, Miami, Chicago, San Jose, CA, Houston and Los Angeles. The actress not only discussed the importance of telenovas to popular culture, she also revealed beauty expertise and style tips. Espino shared what being Hispanic American meant to her, and how embracing her roots and passing down cultural traditions were important to her celebration of the month. For more on Espino, her personal heroes, how she celebrates being Hispanic and more, check out her interview.

Take a look at all the action on Espino’s tour through Macy’s stores – from interviews to fashion shows – below!