WATCH: The New Fashion Frontier

Macy’s is committed to making our customers feel like their most remarkable selves, and it all starts with our Fashion Office. Macy’s Fashion Office is something that’s uniquely Macy’s. This is the team that dresses America.

This spring, Macy’s teamed up with The New York Times’ T Brand Studio for an inside look at how trends are born. The series introduces Macy’s Fashion Office, led by Durand Guion and his style-driving team as they share an inside view of how they gather trends from across the globe, reinterpret ideas for the Macy’s shopper and curate the must-have items that populate Macy’s stores and online nationwide. The three episode series is available now in The Scoop on Macy’s Presents The Edit, as well as

Catch all three episodes: 

1. Dressing America Everyday

Watch Episode 1 »

2. The Art of the Forecast

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3. Buying & Beyond

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