New Site Helps Each Store Associate to Be a ProductPro

Now Macy’s store associates will benefit from an advanced tool to help them meet customer expectations with increased product knowledge.

ProductPro, a new site that provides a quick and simple way to search for product information and help associates at any level to expand their knowledge and learn about trend, launched in late August.

In the past, associates navigated their way through 25,000 information sheets and 60,000 images and tips to find answers to customer questions. ProductPro has simplified the process by organizing information intuitively, with a search function that makes it easy to find anything from general product information (sizing, brand comparisons and styles) to more specific content, such as tips on how to set the perfect table.

Sales associates may access the site on My IN-SITE, with the goal of adding it to the POS system in spring 2016. Sales managers may access the site as an app to use when coaching associates.

The ProductPro homepage includes feature stories based on current trends, product launches, seasonal visual strategies and must-have items. It also brings forward the most popular product stories based on the items with the greatest number of associate clicks – especially important to track so the site can grow to meet associate needs.

“ProductPro falls in line perfectly with the fall strategy put forth by Jeff Kantor, chief stores officer: Simplify to Grow,” said Kathy Hilt, SVP/Selling Effectiveness. “It allows our associates to meet customer expectations by increasing their product knowledge, elevating their selling and driving sales.”