Hitting “Reset” on Macy’s Instagram

Spring at Macy’s means floral prints, vibrant looks, and starting fresh. This year, it was also a new beginning on Instagram. We ‘reset’ @macys to a clean slate. From there, a brand new look and feel was introduced – and people have noticed. Since the relaunch, our followers have been engaging with the tap through to purchase option, more dynamic video, new influencer partnerships and more.

We spoke to the team behind the effort. Hear from Randi Rosenfeld, VP, Publishing, to understand what it took to completely relaunch @macys on Instagram.

Tell us the reason behind the relaunch – erasing everything and starting fresh.

We want to deliver more impactful experiences to our target audience. We saw an opportunity to accelerate our approach on Instagram specifically, as it is the platform of choice for Gen Z and younger millennials.

A majority of users tap through to view our full brand feed, and most of them are new followers. We saw this as an opportunity to present a compelling first impression. Our initial objective was to redesign the feed to be a true fashion experience — one that stands out amidst scrolling. By completely resetting versus a slower introduction of new imagery, users are more likely to follow our story.

Can you speak to the need for @macysmen?

With the focus on @macys dialed back to present a more single-minded fashion aesthetic, we did not want to leave Men’s business on the table. Seventy-five percent of men state their fashion choices are influenced by social media, and this audience requires a differentiated voice and aesthetic. Launching a new, dedicated presence with @macysmen allowed us to provide fashion inspiration, and share our assortment and expertise in the space.

The relaunch was a huge, cross-functional effort. Can you name a few of the teams you partnered with to make this happen?

It was a huge team effort including content strategy, creative, merchandise marketing, merchandising, media, production, and more. The first step was to get everyone on board with the change, after which we built out the creative vision and began producing content.

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