Bevel Enters The Market @ Macy’s

Earlier this month, we launched The Market @ Macy’s – a unique pilot that brings 35 new, niche brands into 10 Macy’s stores around the country. Among these brands is Walker & Company’s Bevel, the first and only shaving system designed to help reduce razor bumps and skin irritation – specifically addressing the needs of people of color.

In celebration of The Market and Bevel’s introduction to Macy’s, Coast to Coast sat down with Tristan Walker, Founder and CEO of Walker & Company, to learn more about Bevel and what to expect with our new partnership.

Tell us about founding Walker & Company and what your company is all about. 

I started Walker & Company Brands because, quite simply, I saw firsthand that people of color deserve a better experience when it comes to buying health and beauty products. Our original product, Bevel, is the first and only shaving system designed to help reduce razor bumps and skin irritation, specifically addressing people with coarse and curly hair whose needs aren’t met with other products in the market.

What attracted Walker & Company to The Market @ Macy’s?

We are lucky to have a loyal customer base that finds our products online. But, we want to make it simple for people of color to find the products that meet their health and beauty needs and that means being where our customers are, including Macy’s stores. With our participation in The Market, we aim to make it more convenient for existing customers to pick up their favorite Bevel products, while introducing the brand to consumers who love great grooming products but haven’t yet had the opportunity to try Bevel.

Bevel is on display now in The Market @ Macy’s Herald Square. Can you tell us a little bit about how we should expect to experience Bevel?

Customers entering The Market are greeted by the NAS tower showcasing the award-winning Trimmer, which will allow customers to experience the power and precision firsthand. We will also have our 30 Day Shave Kit available, with our shave brush, safety razor, priming oil, shave cream, and restoring balm available to test and buy ala carte.

Our brand ambassadors will highlight recommended products and techniques to help ensure a smooth, close shave, as well as facilitate hands-on demonstrations of the world's most advanced trimmer.

You have committed to the whole six month pilot. Six months from now, what will you call success?

Our greatest hope is to get Bevel into the hands of more consumers. For 15 years, I thought facial hair removal was an awful experience, until I founded Bevel and launched the Bevel Shave System. We want to show other consumers that great health and beauty solutions exist.

Of course, we will also be very pleased if this leads to a long-term relationship with Macy’s, with distribution online and in stores nationwide.