Welcome to The Beauty Destination

Calling all beauty mavens and fashionistas! As the destination for all things beauty, Macy’s is dedicated to bringing you curated social content to help you put your best face forward.

Macy’s has been reinventing the beauty shopping experience. Over time, we’ve incorporated open floor plans, a curated selection, and room for our customers to discover and play in stores. And, our 13,000 beauty advisors across the nation are out in front of counters, on the floor to help you shop in an interactive experience that goes beyond selling.

Now we’re bringing a way for our customers to find beauty inspiration on the go, with fresh content on Macy’s YouTube channel – like the hottest makeup looks, new scents and next-level skincare products. To learn more about our YouTube relaunch, we sat down with social media guru and Macy’s Senior Director of Publishing Randi Rosenfeld to hear how her team brought the idea to life.  

Why is our social focus on beauty so important?

We have spent a lot of time in the last year resetting our Macy’s presence across the social ecosystem. YouTube requires a unique content strategy all on its own, given the nature of user behavior and content consumption habits. We saw an opportunity to drive engagement by telling a Macy’s brand story that feels fresh, authentic and cool. Starting with beauty as the content focus makes sense when you consider the category activity and conversational volume by our target audience; it’s a robust, engaged community that craves relevant content.

So, what type of new content can viewers find?

We’re developing platform-first content that’s disruptive and integrates with Macy’s core storytelling priorities. We didn’t want to copy what others were doing; we needed a differentiated way to give customers a reason to come to our channel. With that in mind, we spent a lot of time researching content trends and YouTube behavioral data to compile a unique set of episodic playlists. From a series devoted to telling the stories of female leaders called “Beauty of a Boss” to compelling tutorials demonstrating out-there beauty with “Extreme Looks,” we relaunched our channel with more than 85 platform-specific videos across eight new playlists. We also are proud to have partnered with our trendy colleagues at Macy’s Style Crew, who helped generate a portion of the videos, along with our vendor community who leaned in to provide co-production support.

What have we learned so far?

We saw success right away as the content rolled out; the page had more than 1 million views across the playlists in the first few weeks of launch! And since then, we’ve had almost 15,000 new subscribers to our channel. We’ve also been lucky enough to receive press and positive buzz from fans, helping to cement Macy’s as a relevant player in this dynamic beauty category. I’m so proud of the team for their hard work. We collectively researched, ideated, produced and relaunched the channel within just 10 weeks. It was an incredibly fast-moving project, but with all of our colleagues working together, we were able to cross the finish line and find success.

What can we expect in the future?

We didn’t launch and leave. We have a robust plan going forward that enables us to continue adding to each playlist. We also are using viewing data and engagement trends to identify how to evolve our playlists over time. Looking forward to next spring, we will be broadening the focus beyond beauty and incorporating Ready to Wear and other categories into this storytelling model.  

Check out our new playlists, inspired by The Edit:

A Beautiful Start

See how prominent women – including Macy’s General Business Manager of Beauty Nata Dvir – dominate the beauty industry.

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The Bare Minimum

Need a beauty routine on the go? Learn how to look good and feel good – all by doing the bare minimum.

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Extreme Looks

Oh, we’re going there – and trying out some out-there looks. Check out all the extreme looks you can create with these cool makeup tutorials.

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From bold brows to luminous skin – let us show you how it’s done!

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Beauty of a Boss

Watch real people give us a glimpse into their lives and personal beauty routines.

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