It’s Time to Believe!

Since 2003, Macy’s and Make-A-Wish have teamed up to grant the wishes of critically ill children across the nation with our Believe letter-writing campaign.

For the first time in campaign history, Macy’s hosted Wish Wednesdays. We granted wishes every Wednesday from November 6 through December 11 (with the exception of November 27), for a total of 24 wishes granted across the country!

On National Believe Day, Macy’s stores hosted 254 letter-writing parties across the country.
And when the letters were counted at the end of that very special day, we had collected 1,348,107 letters, exceeding our goal and 50% over last year, yielding a total of $2 million for Make-A-Wish through the Believe campaign! 

Wish Highlights

See below for some our wish highlights from this year!




In Denver, CO., we granted a surprise “Believe Takes Flight” wish. Three-year-old Brantley wished to build a snowman. With the help of Santa and his elves, we flew Brantley and his family from Dallas to Denver, where they built a snowman. Santa also surprised and delighted all the passengers on the flight with Macy’s gift cards and encouraged everyone to write a letter to Santa as part of the Believe campaign.




Hank Cazier, a 19-year-old from Idaho, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Since 2015, he has had 31 rounds of radiation, chemotherapy, brain surgery, and has lost nearly all his motor abilities. Despite these challenges, Hank held on to his dream of being a model. Macy's and Make-A-Wish teamed up to make his dream come true and flew him to New York City to be part of our annual holiday marketing campaign. Hank was styled by our fashion team, learned how to model and worked with our top talent. Hank was debuted in our holiday gift guide and had his photo featured on a billboard in his hometown!


Julia holding a photo


Julia, a 14-year-old with neuroblastoma, wished to visit her extended family in Ghana – a place she held dearly to her heart. Julia walked into Macy’s in West Hartford surrounded by family, classmates and Macy’s colleagues, and was welcomed with gifts and plenty of support. Much to her surprise, her wish to go to Ghana was granted! In December, Julia was able to go to Ghana for two weeks with her five siblings and parents.


Believe Crew

This year, we launched Believe Crew, our colleague ambassador program for Macy's Believe campaign. Believe Crew ambassadors nationwide seized this exciting challenge and got creative about inviting their fellow teammates, friends, family and communities to join us in writing letters to Santa. Believe Crew raised more than 16,024 letters for the campaign. Meet some of our star ambassadors and see what they did to go above and beyond in driving the impact of this inspiring campaign.


Kareleen Pascual | Process Improvement Analyst, Store Operations

Kareleen supported the Believe campaign by organizing a school-wide letter-writing party at P.S. 28 Christa McAuliffe School in Jersey City, NJ. Her efforts resulted in more than 1,206 letters to Santa.

“For me, Macy’s Believe campaign is about always having hope. Believing in life and believing in dreams. As an ambassador of Macy’s Believe Crew, I love that we are driving a campaign to write all these letters to benefit our wish kids.”

Tony Rodriguez | Manager, Marketing Executive, Men's

Tony got creative about spreading the spirit of the Believe campaign, and raised 1,002 letters. He turned his cubicle into a Santa letter-writing station, and even wrote a poem to inspire others to send letters.

“I’m excited to be part of Believe Crew this year because giving back is personal to me. We are given an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around us. The true value of what we do in this life is what you can do for others. One smile, one thank you, one hug, one ‘I love you’ – or in this case, one letter – can make all the difference in the world to someone.”

Kristen Ibarra | Assistant Project Manager, Advertising – Home and Magazines

Kristen worked with her fellow colleagues to take letters home to their families and friends, and raised 1,841 letters. She also shared the campaign with her old grammar school, inviting the students to write their letters to Santa and helping them understand why writing letters would help children like them.

“I’m very excited to be a part of Believe Crew. I love what our Believe campaign does and what it stands for, so I was eager to give back any way that I could. The campaign is important to me is because my best friend was actually a ’Make-A-Wish’ kid, and she’s told me in the past that if it wasn’t for the charity, she’s not sure she would’ve had the will to fight as hard she eventually did. She means the world to me so the charity holds a very special place in my heart because my best friend is still here because of it.”

Melanie Cho | Associate Designer, Hotel Collection

Melanie led a letter-writing party at a recent internal Town Hall meeting, inviting her team to write letters to Santa.

“Our Town Hall went great. Everyone was very excited and gave a round of applause to hear how many letters we collected on National Believe Day. We also used the Town Hall as an opportunity to invite our teams to make a difference with the Believe campaign by writing letters to Santa on the spot.”


Celebrity Support

Throughout the campaign, several celebrities supported Macy’s National Believe campaign, including actor Jake T. Austin, designer Rachel Zoe, actress and Santagirl Brooklynn Prince, media influencer Carson Lueders, and athletes Anthony Harris and Zack Moore.


Jake T. Austin, Actor | Personal appearance at Macy's Burbank Town Center, California

“Supporting youth-based charities has been a lifelong passion of mine, and Macy’s national Believe campaign has done important work with Make-A-Wish. Macy’s generous contribution of $2 million to Make-A-Wish is incredible and the impact of this donation will bring hope and joy to children with critical illnesses and the magic of Macy’s to these families.”

Jake T. Austin joined local wish kids and their families at Macy’s Burbank Town Center, California, with cookie decorating and writing letters to Santa.