Meet Macy’s Master Gardener

This Earth Week, we are celebrating the collective power of our colleagues to make a difference for our planet. Each of us has the power to preserve our planet – from those looking to #JustAddOne new, sustainable practice into their daily lives to colleagues already making a big difference.

We spoke to one Macy’s colleague whose gardening passion and expertise have made a true impact on our planet: human resources services representative Lynn Frizzell.

Lynn is known as the “Plant Lady” among her Macy’s Credit and Customer Service (MCCS) team in Clearwater, Florida. Whenever she attends an event, Lynn brings in plants to give away to colleagues; in her eight years at Macy’s, Lynn has given away more than 1,000 plants of all shapes and sizes – meaning everything from roses and sunflowers to squash and jalapenos, and even a few orange trees. “I started out by giving away starts and seedlings, but when I counted how many plants I actually have, I realized I could share even more,” said Lynn, who once gave away 150 plants at a single event.

Lynn’s passion and commitment date back to the very beginning of her life. Both of her grandfathers were master gardeners, and she learned from their examples. She even moved from her home state of Michigan to Florida in order to garden throughout the year and grow a wider variety of crops.

Lynn shares her expertise through a gardening blog on the MCCS FITFluence Yammer site where she answers colleagues’ gardening questions, helps identify plants, and makes recommendations on soil improvement.

“Everything comes back to the soil.” Composting is among Lynn’s favorite gardening topics: “Many people don’t realize how important composting is, but it’s actually what feeds the earth. When your soil is healthy, your plants are healthy and you won’t have a pest control problem.”

In addition to providing rich material for your garden, composting is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do as an individual to reduce your carbon footprint, according to Global Stewards. While it can be challenging for large organizations to implement composting practices, recently, Macy’s Cincinnati corporate offices restarted a composting program that’s getting a great participation.

Speaking to the importance of celebrating sustainability, Lynn shared her enthusiasm for being a part of the Macy’s family: “When a major corporation is busy taking care of the land, it’s busy taking care of its people, showing support and encouragement. Macy’s is so involved in fixing the problem, and I can’t say enough good things about the company’s commitment.”