Showing Up to Bag Hunger

Hunger affects 41 million Americans. That number includes 13 million children who live in households that cannot always put food on the table. It’s in every state, every county, and every community. That’s why Macy’s is committed to Bag Hunger through a month-long movement to raise funds, donate food, and volunteer to support our communities.

Hunger is more common than we realize. It isn’t limited to one group of people – it doesn’t have a face or a name. In fact, you probably know someone who isn’t sure where their next meal is coming from. Hunger is your elderly neighbor trying to get by on limited income. Hunger is the family whose world was turned upside down when their child received a cancer diagnosis. It’s the people in areas where the cold weather causes overwhelming heating costs. It’s your grocery store clerk, your bus driver, a student in your child’s class.

It’s even our colleagues at Macy’s. Julie Bates, assistant store manager, Tyson’s Corner (McLean, VA) shared her experience with food insecurity as a single mom of five boys:

“Summertime was a huge challenge for me because the boys were home more often and eating a lot more. I was grateful that the elementary school behind my house opened their cafeteria to offer breakfast and lunch to those who needed it. This program helped me rise above. This is why it’s important to support Bag Hunger.”

So, how do we show up? The fight to Bag Hunger is a community effort, with Macy’s, Inc., our customers, and our colleagues working together. Through our Matching Gifts program, to rounding up purchases, to volunteering and hosting fundraisers – there’s a way for everyone to show up and make an impact.

And the impact is meaningful. Since 1998, together we’ve raised and donated the equivalent of $39 million – that translates to 130 million meals. This March, our goal is to raise $3 million to support food banks on a local community level, as well as emergency food assistance programs and summer meals for children who typically rely on school meal programs.

But it’s about more than just numbers. It’s about showing up in times of need. It’s about cooking meals at soup kitchens, running canned food drives to support food pantries, teaching healthy eating to underserved children, fundraising through sample sales or potlucks to support emergency food assistance programs, and more. Whatever the need, Macy’s shows up with a smile. Together, we can help to Bag Hunger.



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