Celebrating the North Star Relief Fund this #GivingTuesday

The holidays are a time to give. We give thanks, gifts, and most importantly – we give back. At Macy’s, Inc., giving back is something we do every day through our corporate giving, cause marketing and volunteerism efforts.

Not only do we show up for our communities – we support one another through inspiring acts of colleagues helping colleagues. This Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving around the holiday season, we will celebrate the way that we give back from the inside out – the North Star Relief Fund.

History of the North Star Relief Fund

In 2017, we rushed to aid our colleagues in communities impacted by devastating natural disasters. Out of this impressive response came the idea to provide a formalized way for our colleagues to give back to one another year-round, putting process and spend behind something so deeply engrained in our culture. In July of 2018, we launched the North Star Relief Fund (NSRF), our 501(c)(3) charity exclusive to Macy’s that supports our colleagues in need through rapid, direct financial assistance. The fund was seeded with a $2M grant from Macy’s, Inc., and our colleagues got busy fundraising.

Since then, our North Star Relief Fund has gained so much traction among our colleagues that it has raised more funds than any other giving opportunity on our external fundraising site – across all of their clients and brands.

“When our Macy’s family is the community that needs support, our employees go above and beyond to care for one another, seeking ways to offer their support. This simple concept, driven by our people, is the inspiration behind our North Star Relief Fund.” – Jeff Gennette, Chairman and CEO, Macy’s, Inc.

On Giving Tuesday, we reflect on the amazing work that’s been done so far. Thanks to our colleagues:

We have funded $69,500 in colleague grants to date, including:

  • Non-routine, exceptional medical expenses (not covered by insurance)
  • Natural disaster support
  • Impacts to a primary residence
  • Domestic violence and crime survivors

We have helped during hardships of many forms:

  • Hurricanes
  • Wild fires
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods
  • House fires
  • Deaths
  • Domestic violence situations

And the work goes beyond the numbers. We spoke to a colleague who was impacted by one of the many, devastating hurricanes. She explained that her colleagues were willing to brave flood waters to bring her food.

But we know that there’s still work to be done. This Giving Tuesday, here’s what you can do:

For colleagues:

For our friends outside of the Macy’s, Inc. organization:

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to make an impact on the lives of our colleagues.


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