Community Impact Highlights | Annual Edition

At Macy’s, giving back is part of our DNA as a culture. We understand the role we play within our communities to give back through donating, volunteering and customer round ups.

In 2019, we raised $6,997,729 for our community impact fund. Our colleagues volunteered a total of 114,945 hours last year! From building a library in an elementary school to hosting events supporting breast cancer research to distributing coats to 250 local children in need – Macy's colleagues show up for our communities in need.

"As a colleague, when I hear about breast cancer events, it warms my heart that my company supports my mission. As a customer, I shop at these events and share stories with others." – Mary Sutton, Director, Labor Strategy & Negotiations

Along with the work our colleagues do to support our communities, our customers continue to be vital to our commitment to giving back. Customers across the nation rounded up $27,271,399 toward our various campaigns supporting communities in need. Our customers helped us raised more than $1.5 million for The Trevor Project, more than $1.2 million for our veteran charity partners Bunker Labs and Blue Star Families, and so much more! 

"It's important that our customers know we support and give back to the community. Our customer likes the opportunity to join us for the bigger cause." – Robin Buttz, Administrative Support Team Supervisor, Macy's Mill Creek Mall

In our annual edition of Community Highlights, we are sharing just a handful of our favorite ways colleagues gave back last year. Read more in our Community Highlights Annual Edition.

Thank you to our colleagues for your dedication and service to your communities and customers!