Colleagues Helping Colleagues: The North Star Relief Fund

Giving Tuesday is the international day of giving during the holiday season. This year, we’re giving back to the North Star Relief Fund.

At Macy’s, Inc., giving back is an integral part of our culture. We show up in times of need and seek to positively impact our communities. Sometimes it’s our colleagues that need help, and this is where the North Star Relief Fund comes in. Inspired by our colleagues' desire to help one another, the North Star Relief Fund was launched in 2018. It is our 501(c)(3) charity, exclusive to Macy’s, Inc., that supports our colleagues through direct financial assistance.

Here are the stories of two colleagues who have been helped by the North Star Relief Fund:

Meet Jennifer.

Jennifer’s 7-year-old daughter, Alyssa, was struggling with illness. She missed 25 days of school and was admitted into the emergency room twice. It had been a tough year for her family, but Jennifer kept steadfast. After a year, Alyssa was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia. With this new diagnosis, doctors needed to have Alyssa come in for inpatient testing. This was an unplanned medical expense.

One day, Jennifer was at a town hall listening to our Chairman & CEO Jeff Gennette rallying colleagues to learn more about the North Star Relief Fund. This was exactly what she needed to hear.

“Because of my current situation and listening to Jeff, I was motivated to apply. Macy’s had helped me and my family during Hurricane Sandy, so I knew I could count on them this time around. Macy’s has been really good to me over the years.”

Jennifer applied for one-time medical assistance and was approved. She was able to get her daughter the testing and the help that she so greatly needed. With the testing completed, her family was able to take the next steps toward helping her daughter have a healthy and happy life.

“The support meant so much to me, both financially and emotionally. Having my daughter stay in the hospital for three nights and two days was incredibly stressful, but knowing that everything was taken care of was a relief. Also, knowing that I work for a company that truly cares about its employees helped me, too.”

Portrait of Gordon smilingMeet Gordon.

Gordon's hometown of Pendleton, Indiana, was hit by a tornado. Thankfully Gordon and his family were safe, but their home was devastated by the disaster. High winds caused seven trees to fall around their home, one even landing through their roof.

His home insurance covered only one of the seven trees, while seven of his rooms were damaged. Despite having some emergency funds, the damage was massive. This is where Macy’s came in.

“I knew about the fund and was encouraged by my colleagues and supervisor to apply. I have been with Macy’s for 24 years and am so thankful that the company I work for has my back in a way I never imagined before.”

The North Star Relief Fund helped Gordon and his family get contractors on the job to remove the trees and help kick start the process of rebuilding his home.

“Knowing that I had support from the North Star Relief Fund to help jump-start this rebuild made a big difference. We are one big family here at Macy’s. To know that colleagues also support me warms the heart. We all care so much about each other. I strongly encourage anyone going through a tough time and in need of aid to take the opportunity to look into the North Star Relief Fund. It helped me in ways I could have not even imagined!”


This Giving Tuesday, visit the North Star Relief Fund website!

For colleagues, you can:

Get financial assistance

Donate – either a one-time donation or paycheck deduction

Share information about the North Star Relief Fund with colleagues

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