Putting Fitness First: Tips to Start and Keep a Running Routine

GUEST WRITER: Sue McMahon, GVP/Store Communication

Anyone can run! It’s a great way to get and stay fit because you don’t need a gym or equipment, just a good pair of shoes.

How to Start

Get Shoes

To avoid injury, the right shoes are important. Our Finish Line associates are experts and can help you find a pair that will motivate you to hit the pavement.

Have a Plan

There are ample training plans online for all levels. Whatever plan you need, there’s an app for that. For beginners, the Couch to 5K app gradually builds your fitness enabling you to run your first race. If you don’t want to go at it alone, enlist friends so you can share in the sense of accomplishment.

Make it Fun

Treadmills can be boring, so get outdoors and enjoy the scenery. Find your favorite routes, but try new ones regularly. Curate a running playlist with songs that motivate you.

How to Stick With It


Signing up for races makes me stay focused on training and inspires me to maintain my fitness level between races.

Get Competitive … with Yourself

For those with a competitive spirit, running is the perfect sport. You race against your prior times and against other runners in your division. Or, if you’re not a racer, challenge yourself to achieve distance or time targets. Your goal is to be the best YOU can be!

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

The nervous energy at the start, the strategy of sticking to your race plan, the spectators cheering you along. These things make the hours spent training worthwhile. The only run to regret is the one I didn’t do.


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