Planning for Your Financial Future

Many Macy’s associates are using common sense when it comes to saving and investing their dollars. Read on for tips regarding how to save for your future.

You’re getting fiscally fit!

Keep the good going; consider these tips to grow your nest egg:

  • Start now, even if that’s starting small. The sooner you start saving, even a small amount regularly, the easier it will be to reach your goal. If it’s a struggle, consult a trusted advisor to help you stick to your plan.
  • Plan for peace of mind. Building an emergency fund for urgent financial needs can give you peace of mind and keep you from dipping into your retirement accounts. This way you avoid penalties and taxes for an early retirement withdrawal.
  • Put “found” money to work for you. Take a close look at your spending and you may find ways to save. Review expenses on bank and credit card statements, then track current spending by categorizing expenses (home, gas, luxuries) to pinpoint where your money goes. Finally, create a plan to ensure you funnel any found dollars where they’re needed most.

Looking for Inspiration? Put Found Money to Work. Examine the costs of these expenses and consider cutting back; you'll find your savings growing soon.

*And this doesn't even include the magic of compounding interest!

Tools for Fiscal Fitness

You know financial health is every bit as important as physical health. Here are a few resources just a phone call or mouse click away:

  • Merrill Lynch can help you manage your 401(k). 1-800-234-MACY (6229), option 1; or access via My IN-SITE
  • Will preparation services are available for free to associates participating in the Macy’s, Inc., optional life insurance program. Contact Hyatt Legal Plans (a MetLife company) at 1-800-821-6400 and provide them with Macy’s, Inc. Group Number 28879.
  • Benefits OnLine is accessible through the Benefits page on My IN-SITE, and provides financial coaching tools, retirement and take-home pay calculators, and My Life Stage to help determine the best strategies for you.


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