‘Tis the Season to Protect Your Data – Shopping In-Store and Online

Now that prime giving season is here, our customers – and you – are shopping stores and sites much more often. Check out these tips to make this time merrier and safer for you, our company, and Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s customers.

On the Go 

When you are shopping, using the ATM, or getting gas, please check credit card readers for skimmers or overlays (examples pictured here). These devices, installed by criminals over the existing readers or key entry pads, are used to steal account data. As a precaution, use ATMs in banks or busy stores. Be on the lookout for readers or pads that are an odd color, texture, thickness or feel loose or out of alignment. And be sure to cover your hand with your wallet or your other hand when typing in your PIN. Criminals install small cameras around ATMs to collect the PINs that correspond with stolen card numbers.

When you park, don’t leave packages, laptops or phones visible in your car.


From spyware to shady merchants, the threat of online fraud is real, but you are the best line of defense. The key to combating online fraud is being aware of what threats exist and taking easy steps to beat them.

Get in the Know Now! Discover detailed tips to fight identity theft, identify phishing and use credit cards wisely here.


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