Macy’s Brings Magic in Stores to Surprise Customers

Experiences are everything. Macy’s understands this, and in order to create excitement around the new MAGIC Selling program, stores have set out to inspire and empower our workforce. At Macy’s our customers are the number one priority. We sat down with Tom Wallace, Market VP here at Macy’s for the NY South/Connecticut district, to learn firsthand what it’s like to experience magic. Here’s what’s “in store” for the #experienceMAGIC campaign.

How do we surprise and delight our customer? Over the years, M.A.G.I.C. Selling at Macy’s trained our employees on transforming shopping into a truly unforgettable experience for our shoppers. In anticipation of the reinvention and re-launch of M.A.G.I.C. Selling in 2017, Macy’s has introduced the #experienceMAGIC campaign. The campaign is centered on a series of contests for stores nationwide to demonstrate their “magic” in action.

“The #experienceMAGIC campaign is a great way for our customers and associates to come together to have fun. I have seen every store find simple ways to engage each other and then share that joy with others,” said Kathy Hilt, Senior Vice President of Stores Customer Experience at Macy’s. “It really encourages all of us to remember that friendly, helpful service and authentic connections create the shopping experience that is unique to Macy’s. Every person in our company can share how their work impacts a customer. Everyone matters!”

The campaign presents an opportunity for employees to get creative with their team and to create memories that the customer will never forget. Stores nationwide have been getting very creative indeed. Associates made customers feel special with a creative kissing booth at the St. Louis Galleria Store in Missouri. They created magic by delivering the sweetest kind of kiss – chocolate kisses, of course!  Associates in Dover, DE also spread Macy’s love to shoppers, with their “Compli-Mintery Day,” offering “compli-mint” bags filled with fresh mints and hand-written compliments. Macy’s kindness also shone on a rainy day in Pearland, TX where associates escorted customers with red-and-white Macy’s umbrellas to and from their cars.

With so much inspiration in the air, we wanted to find out how the magic got started. We sat down to interview Macy’s Market Vice President Tom Wallace on #experienceMAGIC. During his 15 years with Macy’s, Wallace has overseen many initiatives within stores, including a multi-million dollar store renovation in Hyattsville, Maryland in 2011. A champion of the experienceMAGIC campaign, Wallace has worked tirelessly to support the stores in bringing the magic of Macy’s to customers nationwide:

This campaign is all about creating memorable experiences – tell us one of your favorite in-store experiences from your career. Why was this experience so memorable?

My most impactful experience was when I was a VPSM in Montgomery, MD, and one of our local customers experienced a tragedy. Her home had caught fire and her family lost everything. Our team found out about it and invited her into our store. The executives and associates came together and raised over $1,000 for her family as a start to getting their life back.

Do you have any philosophies or values that you have found to be successful and you try to live by in your work life?

A value that has been important to me in every role has been the power of engagement. An environment of engagement is needed in every successful store. Engagement leads to open communication, trust, peer-to-peer feedback, accountability and a positive atmosphere. It was always my first focus in every role I took on. 

Since the launch of the #experienceMAGIC campaign, what changes, if any, have you seen in the way associates interact with their customers?

We are having more fun with our customers, and associates feel even more comfortable connecting with customers. Visitors love the environment we have created in Macy’s stores in the north east region. 

How does this campaign feel new and different for the organization?

The campaign feels different because we are sharing ideas. Yammer, as a digital platform, is allowing our ideas to spread not only across the district, but throughout the region. Making our associates business partners through the campaign has energized the store teams and driven team engagement.

If you could give one piece of advice to stores about creating an experience for our customers, what would it be?

Keep it simple, sustainable and most importantly fun! Some of the best ideas that have come from our stores have been extremely easy to execute and cost next to nothing. They say some of the best things in life are free.


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