Refashioning Macy’s Flagship: Herald Square Sets New Standards In Retail

Curated merchandise, food truck dining, mobile in-store technology, 3D-printed jewelry … and historic, wooden escalators. Welcome to Macy’s Herald Square as we know it today.

The legendary flagship store has received quite the facelift, undergoing a major renovation, and the four-year, $400 million project is nearing completion. With bright, sweeping floor plans, beautifully merchandised collections, and the latest technology integration, the new face of Herald Square ushers in the next generation of our brand while making a nod to Macy’s heritage.

Inside the largest retail remodel in history

Coast to Coast got the chance to hear from a few of the leaders behind the renovation for the inside scoop on the largest retail remodel in history.

“Herald Square is a career project for our entire team,” said Tony Riese, VP/Construction. “The amount of forward-thinking this type of large-scale, multi-year project takes is monumental. We were creating concepts in 2011 that wouldn’t come to life until now – but we did it.”

“What many people do not realize is the amount of prep work to be done before physical renovations began,” explained Riese. “The entire Herald Square infrastructure – water pipelines, sprinkler systems, electrical wiring, air handling units – needed to be replaced. Engineers worked alongside our facilities teams to make this happen, updating the entire building management system to support the renovations as well as make the system more sustainable, with manageable and controllable features.”


The Levi’s laser bar, located on the 3rd floor and One Below at Herald Square – where customers can have custom patterns etched into their jeans. Steven Derwoed, SVP/Store Design and Merchandising, indicated that “with this we are capitalizing on two broader trends: tech and personalization and customers love it.”

A major milestone in the history of our brand

Dozens of teams came together to make this happen, which is the real magic behind Macy’s Herald Square. “It took a small village,” said Steven Derwoed, SVP/Store Design and Merchandising, “Working cross-functionally with so many teams was certainly a challenge, but it has been one of the most rewarding projects of my career.”

“Herald Square will continue to be the testing ground for creating excitement and newness in all of our stores,” Derwoed noted. “On an ongoing basis, our teams are taking a detailed analysis of what is working and what isn’t and then incorporating the best findings into new stores and renovations, in a way that makes sense. For instance, with our shoe floor remodel in Herald Square, we found that customers responded well to the taller fixtures and the perimeter-style design, so we retooled this fixture package for smaller stores and now it’s included in all shoe projects going forward.”

The magnitude of the Herald Square renovation is unprecedented and will be a major milestone in the history of our brand for many years to come. A huge “Thank you” goes out to all of the teams that had a hand in this project. Each of you played a vital role in shaping our flagship store and setting a new standard for retail around the world.

“Our store team is so proud of the work that has been done and the confidence the company has placed in us to make this type of investment,” said Patti Lee, DVP/Herald Square. “This renovation has been a challenge and at times, a complicated process. It made us sharpen our game: we know we need to deliver a great shopping experience to match and even exceed the experience of the physical remodel.”


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