MST Does a 360: OmniClient Solution for Customers and Associates

Providing a 360-degree omni view of customers, the new OmniClient application gives associates a tremendous tool to build quality client relationships and directly drive their business.

Coast to Coast spoke with Joe Lavender, MST director/stores development, for a comprehensive example of innovation in action. OmniClient is among the applications he oversees, the powerful new clientelling system known to Macy’s stores as My Client 2.0 and soon known to Bloomingdale’s as b-connected.

With the application, associates can personalize the experience for their clients – messaging about the brands and merchandise categories they prefer, as well as storewide sales and events. The client data is electronically stored within OmniClient to maintain privacy and keep clients’ information secure.

Providing a personalized experience is integral to the Macy’s M.O.M. 2.0 strategy and OmniClient makes that possible with the communication our associates requested – the ability to text their clients. Nearly 80 percent of clients prefer to receive messages by text and now associates can send and receive client texts directly at POS. All Bloomingdale’s sales professionals have an email account, and with the move to the OmniClient platform later this year, they will have both email and texting options.

What’s the Big ‘To-Do’?

Key to making My Client 2.0 effective and user-friendly for associates is application “To Dos” – or reminders – that automatically present and categorize high-priority client messages. Associates can create specialized To Dos for clients they’d like to target, take action on automatic reminders, and use pre-populated messages input by store leadership about marketing campaigns and store events.

Driving the personalization is the system’s business logic which narrows the focus (among 250 clients each My Client associate has, on average) and groups together multiple items for each client. To Dos appear on the My Client 2.0 homepage which might include automatic follow up from past sales history or jewelry trunk shows, for example. Plus, if two or more associates have the same client – perhaps one in cosmetics and one in shoes, application logic determines which associate is the most appropriate to send a storewide message so the client receives only one.

OmniClient/My Client 2.0 is a Business Driver

Savvy associates are learning they can successfully drive their own business through clientelling, especially when they focus on the styles and brands the system identifies as their clients’ favorites. As associates work their To Dos, an auto-close feature shows a contact has occurred. Another feature – client profile pages show a pie chart of sales by Family of Business area, and the percent of purchases each makes online. This helps associates cross-sell and build connections, suggesting shoes to a woman buying a dress, for example, when her profile shows she’s often purchased them.

OmniClient has provided an alternative solution to Macy’s client communications. In the past, communication was a multi-step process where associates may have had to leave the floor to have a phone conversation. Now they do not even have to leave the register. Associates also can access My Client 2.0 on their mobile POS device. Early readings from clients and associates alike show the effectiveness of My Client 2.0. Associates say it’s intuitive and user-friendly, a great outreaching tool, and they love it!

Successful Pilot in ’15 and Roll-Out Plans for ‘16

In describing the innovative OmniClient, Lavender said it is one of the first applications developed with lean methodology in an iterative approach. “With this methodology, we break down the development into smaller components and check in with partners along the way – getting their feedback in case any changes are needed. This fluid relationship helps to close any communication gaps. We work faster and develop a quality product that provides what our internal partners need. We also leveraged some of the latest technology to provide the associates with a modern look and feel for the application.”  MST Marketing, Stores and D2C application teams, and Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s business partners were key contributors to the success of OmniClient.

Macy’s piloted My Client 2.0 last summer in 28 stores and completed its roll out to all regions in June. It replaced the existing legacy Macy’s clientele system, nearly 10 years old, and the Bloomingdale’s “b-connected” application will migrate later this year. Future plans call for including other clientelling applications within the business, creating one common platform. With it, we’ll have a full perspective on the selling data for each Macy’s client!


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