Macy’s Brand Partner Day

How do we empower our customers to shop the way they live? How do we deliver on bringing the best assortment to our customers, and at the same time, create something that is exclusively at Macy’s? During the annual Macy’s Brand Partner Day, our senior leadership meets with our company’s brand partners to answer these types of questions. Step behind-the-scenes with Coast to Coast and learn how collaboration truly drives the success of our brand at this annual event.

At Macy’s, Inc., we’re proud to collaborate with some of America’s biggest brands. These strong partnerships are crucial to our success in bringing customers top-of-the-line assortments. Earlier this summer, Brand Partner Day brought together more than 400 leaders from Macy’s and our brand partners at the Times Center in New York City. John D. Idol, CEO, Michael Kors; Carlos Alberini, CEO, Lucky Brand; Lana Todorovich, president, Ralph Lauren; and Thalia Sodi, fashion designer, actress, and founder of the Thalia Sodi Collection, were just a few names among many leading brand partners in attendance.

Macy’s, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gennette kicked off the meeting by sharing his insights on Macy’s authoritative position in retail, the power of partnership and our North Star Strategy. Other members of Macy’s senior leadership team focused on the customer and how to provide our shoppers with the best choices, experiences and products.

“Together with our brand partners, we’re working on how to improve the experience for our customers – with everything from how it feels to browse and transact in our stores ... to what it's like to be on our website or our mobile app ... to the service we provide through both people and technology,” said Jeff Kantor, chief stores and human resources officer at Macy’s.

Chief Merchandising Officer Tim Baxter and Chief Marketing Officer Richard Lennox focused on the importance of curating the best products and enhancing fashion exclusivity. “Macy’s is one of America’s best loved brands, with one in every two Americans shopping at Macy’s each year,” said Baxter. “This event provides an important opportunity to focus on how we can partner together to provide the best products for our customers – curating the best-selling items alongside exclusive styles, available only at Macy’s.”

The longevity of partnerships with many of America’s great brands is a true source of strength for Macy’s. Through the spirit of collaboration, we strive to create the best products, assortments and experiences for our customers. Following the event, our Brand Partners were energized about the future of Macy’s and we are excited to bring this to our customers.


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