Beyond the Boardroom: The Life of an Order

In this month’s Beyond the Boardroom with Jeff Gennette, we went behind the scenes to unveil a key part of our business that often goes unseen, but is the bedrock of how we get things done – our Logistics and Operations distribution centers.

When buying a product in-store or online, we may not always consider the incredible work it takes to get it to its destination. Associates in our distribution centers plan, prep and package the merchandise we sell for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s; whether it’s destined for a store, fulfilling an online order, or ultimately completing a BOPS transaction. Ensuring the availability of style, size and color is a top priority, so these teams have made strategic shifts – aligned with our North Star Strategy – to ensure the most efficient delivery of merchandise.

In the September episode of Beyond the Boardroom, we shared details on how our distribution centers demonstrate strategic focus every day to support more than 65 percent of overall omnichannel sales, ultimately handling more than 1 million shipments per day during the holiday season. Now, we’ve teamed up with the Macy’s Logistics and Operations (MLO) teams to give you a closer look at how we get merchandise prepped, sorted, and shipped through an insider tour that shows the “Life of an Order.” Dive deeper into the world of MLO through this short video, produced by the teams themselves, that shows exactly how we deliver our products into the hands of our customers, whichever way they like to shop!

You can also learn from our interview with Scott Prieto, executive vice president of MLO, including his career development advice from more than two decades of experience at Macy’s and the technological innovation of our distribution centers.


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