Macy’s Home Reinvent: Fashioning Your Home

As the seasons change, we look at our homes with new eyes. It’s prime time for Macy’s Home Store, a business that we’ve newly reinvented and reinvigorated. To learn the secrets of our success, IN Fashion spoke with Macy’s experts about our multi-faceted strategy, a collaboration with merchants, Private Brands, Store Planning, Architecture, Construction and Engineering (SPACE), capital finance, facilities partners, merchandise planning and regional/district teams.

“Through Home reinvent, we’re creating a lifestyle environment based on how the customer wants to shop today,” said Susan Toporowski, GVP/Home Private Brands. “We do this by displaying merchandise assorted from several different families of business, creating a presentation that more closely mimics a real home environment.”

“We gain insight from the marketplace, our sourcing partners and customers in identifying ‘white space’ and opportunities to develop product,” said Donna Vance, EVP/Home Private Brands. “Every season, we deliver newness inspired by our travels and from our learnings in the business. We reflect our ever-evolving customers who are looking for more color and compelling ideas to add to their home environments.”

“My role overall as home reinvent took shape was to sell product,” said Colleen Miller, GVP/National Merchanding Director. “Our teams work with merchants to ensure big ideas will resonate with customers and that presentations have impact from the smallest stores to the largest. It’s also great fun to feel the energy that our home store associates have around reinvent.”

Exclusivity Is Everything

“In furniture, most of our product is exclusive,” said Bob Weiser, GVP/Big Ticket. “We are actively involved in the development of our pieces which are manufactured exclusively for Macy’s. We know our customer and design with her in mind. Customers find tremendous quality and value in our product and see our sales associates as furniture experts who instill confidence throughout the purchase experience."

“Exclusivity in food prep is very important,” said Chatman. “We see that in the Martha Stewart Collection, specifically the Collector’s Enamel Cast Iron cookware. When we have exclusive items at value pricing compared to market product, the customer really responds. Based on this success, we’re expanding into canisters, bowls and gadgets.”

Also exclusive to Macy’s is the lively Whim textiles line by Martha Stewart. The colorful sheet collection is growing with playful motifs and patterns such as zebra and flamingo prints. Next spring, the line will extend to tableware and items for entertaining.

Another important example of novelty is the whimsical Kate Spade brand – casual dinnerware is shown here. New for the brand is the All in Good Taste collection and soon to come is a textiles launch, then a move into cookware. The Kate Spade look is cheerful and happy with color, and the fourth quarter focus is on gift giving.

Furniture Showcases Lifestyle Trends

Sections of Macy’s furniture floor now are presented in lifestyle trends according to Bryon Phelps, Director of Visual. “We feature Industrial for a trendy customer, Glamour for luxe VIP style and Small Space Living for apartment dwellers. We also showcase ‘motion’ furniture for outfitting a family room in a larger home.”

Top Tips from a Home Stylist

Our My Stylist@Macy’s stylists, formerly Macy’s By Appointment personal shoppers, are experts in fulfilling any wardrobe or gift need. Each is also tuned in to Macy’s offerings in the Home Store. None more so than Paul Floy, My Stylist@Macy’s Herald Square, who says clients come to him most often for advice for kitchens and bedrooms. Read on for his recommendations which will inspire style for Macy’s customers, as well as our own homes!

Be Inspired by Trend

Even if you are not planning a full re-do, take a look at his favorite resources – HDTV,, and magazines such as House & Garden and Architectural Digest. Take advantage of Macy’s product knowledge and walk the full floor.

Be Informed

Learn from in-store associates and, then trust associates’ knowledge of product features and benefits. Floy pulls up online reviews when working with clients and educates them on product differences. He might dispel the myths of non-stick cookware for a young couple or recommend items for clients who keep a kosher kitchen.

Be True to Yourself, but Be Open to New Ideas

Floy’s success comes from listening to know his clients well and following up to see if products meet their needs. Consider product functionality, value and aesthetics – the three key elements to Floy – in light of your home style, time for maintenance and size of your household. Colors are key, of course. One client asked for help with brightening a dark apartment. After viewing the entire bedding assortment, she was more confident in choosing a vivid shade.

Be Comfortable

Know that home updates should work for you as well as your guests. Home purchases increase during the holidays as families and friends gather in dining rooms (bakeware and stylish serving platters) and guest rooms (updated sheets, new pillows and blankets). Select wisely to benefit short term guests as well as your long term lifestyle. Choose colors you love as housewares now often coordinate with one another and make a splash together on counters in open floor plan homes.


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