Show That You Believe! Macy’s Invites America to Join the Santa Project

Macy’s has always believed in Santa. That’s why we’ve launched the Santa Project, a nationwide movement to fill the internet with the spirit of believing.

Macy’s invites people of all ages – and you, our associates – to post a photo, message or video with #SantaProject via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to show your belief in Santa. 

Santa’s story has been told by word-of-mouth for generations and shared in books, songs, film and television. But when children search the internet to inquire about Santa, it tells them a very different story – and it is not so nice.

Macy’s in on a mission to change that through the Santa Project. By sharing a response that captures the importance of believing and what Santa means to them, everyone can play a role. Let’s preserve the magic of the holidays and ensure that the internet is a place where Santa lives on for future generations.

The Santa Project comes to life in this short film featuring children who discuss what it means to believe in Santa.

To learn more about the Santa Project, visit Visitors can how diversely people share their beliefs throughout the holiday season. The website also features an updated list of top 10 states that share the most belief via social media, letters to Santa, visits to Macy’s Santaland, and visits to the website. You can add to the magic at Macy’s this holiday season.


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