Meet the Team Behind Macy’s Flower Show: Journey with us to the Planet Paradisios

For 73 years, Macy’s has welcomed spring with the annual Flower Show, showcasing millions of live flowers, plants, and trees from around the globe. This year, Journey to Paradisios is cleared for launch – and it’s out of this world! Through Sunday, April 7, the Flower Show transports spectators into a multi-dimensional world of space, adventure and discovery through flora and eccentrically landscaped gardens that celebrate the wonder and mystery of the planet Paradisios.

Every year, a team of creative Macy’s colleagues come together to create an original theme. This year, the Flower Show will blast off into the cosmos with more than 5,000 types of plants, trees and flowers depicting various outer space themes. The galactic journey spins a cosmic tale of R.H. Macy IV (a pilot-turned-cosmonaut and the great-great-great grandson of Macy’s founder), who joins forces with an astronaut named Lucy Ryder. The two set out on the adventure of a lifetime as they explore the pristine exoplanet Paradisios, discovering its colorful inhabitants, floating cities, alien technology and whimsical plant life.

“This year marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which inspired us to create an original storyline following the lost journal of a descendent of R.H. Macy traveling on a covert space mission,” said Rick Pomer, Creative Director, Branded Entertainment. “Our team geeked out on creating every element of complete and utter fantasy – from the storyline to spaceships, flowerbots, alien trees and more. We took this year’s Flower Show to a new level to create a story like never before!”

From designers to copy editors, this year’s Flower Show was the culmination of some of Macy’s most creative masterminds. Meet some of the colleagues behind this year’s space-inspired floral fantasy.

Tanner Glaves

Creative Manager, Branded Entertainment

“I ended up wearing a lot of creative hats during the planning for this year’s Flower Show, but I’m essentially a (proud) Art Director! I’ve worked on the show creatively from start to finish, including the art direction and creative concepting for our storied elements, the branding, and the graphic elements within the show itself – all the while linking together different teams and people within the company to ensure growth and an intense level of creative consistency along the way.

There’s a fictional story in place that’s been executed throughout the entirety of the show. It’s taken each and every one of our partners – both inside and outside of the company – to execute said story, and I’m very proud of how it (and we) all came together. As a creative team, we realized that our guests expect more from the Flower Show than ever before (ultimately as a multi-layered experiential event involving the entirety of the brand) and that there was an opportunity for a new level of showmanship. We began with our first storied Flower Show last year called Once Upon a Springtime, but I think we’ve taken it to entirely new level. Out of this world, if you will (I can’t resist a space-y pun now-a-days)!”

Sara Flores

Director, Creative Content & Associate Producer

For the first time, we’re creating a digital experience of the Flower Show for customers outside of the physical stores. It’s my job to produce the first-ever 360 video, aligning the work of Macy’s creatives and vendors to tell a cohesive story for the viewer – while shooting in a store with operational priorities and keeping everyone on time and on budget!

I love watching the show evolve each year to be more immersive for our audience. The 2019 Flower Show has the kind of creative through line that really lends itself to entertainment, and I can’t imagine we ever move away from that. It’s exciting to be a part of something that continues to stretch my colleagues and my creativity.”

Joey Ammons

Concept Artist & Designer, Macy’s Parade Studio

“For this year’s Flower Show, I focused on ideating original content and translating the space-themed vision to bring Journey to Paradisios to life. I developed the Herald Square blast-off concept at the Broadway Avenue entrance, as well as several other designs –from spaceships and infinity mirror photo ops to microgarden pods and satellite gardens. I also worked with the copy team to develop the original story and provided creative direction for a 360 virtual experience of the Herald Square Flower Show.

My favorite part of this year’s show is the microgarden pods. These miniature terrariums feature key narrative moments in the show’s story, adorned with live plants and flowers. This new design became possible as we began pursuing 3-D printing technology. One such microgarden features a glimpse of Paradisios’s gargantuan sand-kraken!”

Katherine Christakos

Creative Copy Manager, Branded Entertainment

“As creative copy manager, I ensured the story of Paradisios is told consistently and accurately throughout each Flower Show in all three regions, all marketing assets and on all show elements. I am responsible for all creative copy. Details matter and it’s my job to make sure that’s the case.

I love that the story has an incredibly smart female character and the way we were able to tie the story back to our business. Also, I am excited about the 360 video we are creating, it is the first time we have ever done this for the Flower Show. Our customers will be able to experience our spectacular show in a whole new way!”

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