Sustainability in an Industry Macy’s Knows Best: Apparel

When thinking about sustainability, you might think about conserving energy, recycling paper and plastic, even buying organic and local food. But do you ever think about sustainable apparel? Who knew such a thing existed?

Well, actually, Macy’s has been taking steps to learn about sustainable apparel development for several years.

Check out ‘Sustainable Apparel 101: Looking Beyond the Label’ on Macy's Green Living to learn what goes into sustainable apparel – how it’s made, who makes it, what fabrics are used and where the clothing comes from in order for it to be considered sustainable.

“While mainstream sustainable design in the apparel industry is only in its infancy, Macy’s and several other brands have been working with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to increase environmental awareness and transparency of our supply chains. Thinking sustainably about apparel doesn’t end at the purchase. What happens when your favorite pair of jeans has a broken zipper, a hole that just won’t patch or has otherwise reached the end of its useful life? Don’t throw it in the landfill; it’s time to donate!”

To read the full article and more articles like this, visit Macy’s Green Living.


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