Following the Thread: Eco-friendly Elegance With Eileen Fisher​​

Trends come and go, but we have only one planet on which to live. At Macy’s, our commitment to a sustainable world reaches beyond last season’s trends. We’re interested in putting an everlasting green footprint on the runway. Let’s follow the thread to see where Eileen Fisher clothes come from and why these products are so sustainable.

Sustainability and fashion often go hand-in-hand at Macy’s. As a matter of fact, we're one of the top retailers carrying the largest assortment of sustainable and organic clothing from Eileen Fisher, online and in-store. With a goal to reach 100 percent sustainability by the year 2020, Eileen Fisher has long worked toward creating a brand of eco-conscious clothing. In 2009, she started the Green Eileen initiative to recycle gently-used Eileen Fisher clothing.

“It’s important to the environment to carry clothes that have a social-conscious message, are environmentally friendly and are comfortable for our customers,” said Cheryl Ferrara, digital merchant for Macy’s ready-to-wear collection brands.

When it comes to earth-conscious production, Eileen Fisher is the expert brand. The line uses organic cotton and sustainable fibers, specifically the tree-based fiber Tencel. The fiber is made from sustainably harvested trees and processed using solvents low in toxicity. Eileen Fisher clothing also incorporates chlorine-free wool, as well as recycled cashmere, nylon, polyester and cotton to reduce waste and energy consumption. The materials are re-spun from discarded garments and cutting-room scraps left in factories.

Check out some of our favorite Eileen Fisher pieces in the slideshow below. Eco-friendly and elegant. Timeless and forward-thinking. Versatile and sustainable. You’ll find yourself recycling and re-using your wardrobe with these favorite outfits.


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