Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Celebrate Earth Week

At Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to our customers, our colleagues, and our planet to Get Better Every Day when it comes to sustainability. This Earth Week, we’re empowering our colleagues to make a lasting impact on our planet by making sustainability a part of our everyday lives. 


Think about it – how unstoppable would our impact really be if we all committed to Just Add One sustainable practice to our lives? From small to big changes, every decision can make a difference. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started:

1. Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

2. Compost.

3. Minimize effects of transportation. Walk, bike, bus, combine trips, carpool.

4. Buy locally-sourced food. And take your own reusable shopping totes with you.

5. Go paperless. Turn off paper statements, set up online bill pay, opt out of unwanted junkmail.

6. Clean green. Reduce the use of harmful chemicals in your cleaning regimen.

7. Get growing. Grow your own veggies, plant native plants and trees, encourage wildlife.

8. Use less energy. Turn off the lights, unplug vampires, weatherize windows/doors, turn down the thermostat, look for energy star appliances, switch to LED lights.

9. Conserve water. Turn off the water when brushing teeth, take shorter showers, only wash clothes/dishes with a full load, switch to low-flow shower heads and faucets, try a rain barrel

10. Volunteer. Find local community events that benefit the environment.

Want even more ideas?

Over the past few weeks, we challenged you to do just that through a photo contest. Your ideas have been inspiring. Visit our #JustAddOne Earth Week contest gallery to explore the creative ways everyone has shared, and be sure to vote for your favorites!

Attend local Earth Week Events

We’re making an impact across the nation by planting trees, hosting “trashion” shows, recycling our old electronics responsibly, and so much more. Get involved by participating in exciting events at locations across the country. To find out what’s going on near you, check with your local chapter of our GO GREEN employee resource group, or browse your local special events.


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