Deck the Halls and Recycle that Holly!

Decorating is an exciting and joyous task on the holiday to-do list. But when Jan. 2 rolls around and it’s time to take everything down, not only is it a bit of a downer, but for most people, it’s not very sustainable.

“It’s estimated that Americans will throw out an additional 25 percent of trash this holiday season, amounting to about 25 million extra tons in the landfill.” -- 'How to Reduce Waste Over the Holidays,'

From holiday lights and Christmas trees to big family feasts and wrapping paper, ‘Simple Ways to Green Your Holidays’ on Macy’s Green Living site gives some easy tips for how we can all give a gift to our planet and make the holiday season a bit more green.

Tis’ the season to be jolly, not wasteful. Don’t you agree?

To read the full article, visit Macy’s Green Living.


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