Bloomingdale’s Sustainable and Mindful Shop

One of the best-kept secrets on Bloomingdale’s iconic e-commerce website is our new Sustainable and Mindful Shop – a curated collection of more than 400 sustainable items across apparel for women, men, and kids; jewelry; handbags; shoes; and home.

An Earth Day celebration this past spring helped spark the idea. Our Bloomingdale’s team received an informational Earth Day email, listing the top 10 sustainable products available on “We realized there wasn’t one place on the site that listed all of our sustainable products, and we wanted to change that,” said Sophie Preston, assistant site manager at Bloomingdale’s. “We’re seeing trends within the market of customers seeking more sustainable and ethically minded merchandise, and the Sustainable and Mindful Shop gives them a way to easily find that,” added Elizabeth Rich, assistant planner, center core at Bloomingdale's.

“We put together a team, drafted a plan and started meeting with product teams and the legal team. Part of the effort was defining exactly what sustainable means, so we can quantifiably determine which products are eligible for inclusion,” said Sophie. “We have a ton of products that are sustainable or that have a social cause," she continued. “Levi’s, for example, has reduced the volume of water required to produce denim, which makes it more sustainable. We also wanted customers to understand the ‘why’ of what makes a product sustainable. In other words, was there something else we could add to tell the story for the products we’re offering? We identified where we could include this information on the product pages, so our customers understand the full story of each product.”

The Sustainable and Mindful Shop soft-launched in August on the Bloomingdale’s website, and the team is currently working on a larger-scale launch with the Bloomingdale’s marketing team. “We want to add more products to the shop before doing a full launch,” said Elizabeth. “It’s quite an in-depth process, because we have to be sure we’re not misleading the customer in any way and have to be sure the vendors have all of the appropriate certificates, so everything is very clear. Now that we’ve done a lot of the legwork, it’s quite easy to add more products from these brands, since we already have legal approval. So, we’re excited about the opportunity to showcase these products for our customers in such a meaningful way.”

Future plans for the Sustainable and Mindful Shop include continuing to add brands and products, including integrating Bloomingdale’s own merchandise. The team also is exploring the potential for curating a pop-up Sustainable and Mindful Shop.

“It’s been a huge project,” said Yolie Cayetano, senior copywriter at Bloomingdale's. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience, and we’ve found this to be a really great way to help them make more sustainable choices. We’re talking to the customer about sustainability in a really easy way, and we hope to grow the assortment.” While the launch has been quiet, Sophie noted that customers are finding the shop on the website. (It’s located under the “What’s New” tab in the site’s primary navigation.) “I think it helps in the decision-making process,” said Sophie. “When you see a product has information about sustainability, it can make a difference in the purchase decision. It’s helping our customers.”

And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Be sure to visit the Sustainable and Mindful Shop on for sustainable items and gift ideas.


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