Be Green in 2018

At the start of each year, Americans take on new resolutions as we look to improve ourselves and bring change to our lives. This year, we are looking for new, simple ways to make good on this year’s promise to be more environmentally conscious. We talked to the Go Green Employee Resource Group about some small but impactful ways to create real change in 2018.

Ditch the plastic for good

It takes three times the amount of water to produce bottled water than it does to fill a bottle, not to mention that only one in five used bottles are recycled. Thanks to new, stylish and comfortable products like the Soma, it’s never been easier or more fun to invest in a reusable bottle to keep you hydrated all day long.


You can really cut down on the plastic by ditching straws. Tell your server or bartender you don’t need a straw when you order a drink.

Go big on your go-to products

Buying in bulk can save on packaging and environmental strain, and also help out financially. When buying anything from shampoos to snacks, opt for a bigger package.


Look for products that come in more condensed forms, such as detergents or perfumes. Eau de Parhum may be more expensive, but it will last much longer.

Recycle old electronics

Nearly 75 percent of old electronics are still in our homes. We often don’t know what to do with old TVs, computers or other e-waste. In fact, we dump $60 million worth of gold and silver each year through cell phones alone. Make it your goal to recycle old electronics, including any unused or non-functioning phones, keyboards, and printers at your local electronics store or city-sponsored drop-off.


Since you are already running the errand, offer to stop by a few friends’ houses and pick up their recycling to increase your impact.

Plan your meals

Meal prep is healthy, saves money, and will help you stay green. Planning meals and meal portions will reduce your food waste, and using containers means avoiding the packaging that comes with grabbing lunch on the go. Want to completely eliminate the plastic? Try glass containers in lieu of plastic ones.


If you buy a cup of coffee daily and replace your disposable cup with a reusable one, you’ll save 23 pounds of waste.

“Committing to a sustainable lifestyle can seem daunting, but if we all make small changes in our daily habits, it is possible to create a real, lasting impact,” says Go Green ERG co-leader and Macy's colleague Natalie Hojell.


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